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Try to keep in touch with me, just in case.

There's no freedom of religion in this country.

Aren't these your books?

Morgan will have an answer for you by next week.

Glynn parked in the back of his office building.

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Alain has committed a crime.

He tries to keep up with his classmates.

I should've chosen a shorter username.


I have something to do right now.

Matthew accidentally cut himself while peeling an apple.

Tollefsen asked me to wake him up at 6:30.

Are you really going to Boston next weekend?

I always knew you were going to make it.

You are burning up the road.

Please wish me luck.

I want to play a game where a noble, female, knight with the nickname of light-speed freely manipulates gravity.

Just because a river is beautiful doesn't mean that it is precious.

Mere decay produces richer life.

He grew up in a little village.


A vector quantity has two characteristics, a magnitude and a direction.


Can you move this desk by yourself?


I find it difficult to believe.

The church is in yourself, for your body is the temple of the living God.

Lorenzo finally caught up with Glen.

I despise Matt.

It is bad to steal.

Sugih and Stacey are still working.

We can't accept all of these.

I don't even have time to read.

I watched Knute.

Something's definitely wrong with Ellen.

I was caught in a shower on my way home yesterday.

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I wish I had said that.

Don't be scared to meet new people.

That would be pretty cool.

You're back late. What have you been up to?

I thought you were supposed to be at work today.

Players were limited in what they could and could not do to get and keep the ball.

I made no such promise.

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What if somebody saw this?

This dress is a good bargain.

Eric is anxious about his future.

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Shall I carry coffee to them?

Yet giving up is not impossible.

Herbert was surprised that Will already knew about what happened.

This tree was planted by my grandfather.

He admitted the visitor to the living-room.

Here's the list Svante gave me.

Irving doesn't drink a lot.

I'm going to die.

She called me at an unearthly hour last night.

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You're wounded.

My parents' house is really big.

The purchasing power of low-wage earners will continue to decline, if I understand correctly.

Brandi was an architect.

You're really a number-one fool.


Don't stand in my way.

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Amedeo needs the money desperately.


What are these things?

Here is where it all happens.

Maybe we can find someplace to park further up the street.


I miss them tonight. I know that my debt to them is beyond measure.

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He carved marble into a statue.

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Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to give her small dog a bone, she bent over and Rover took over and gave a bone of his own.

You can add sentences you don't know how to translate.

Is the file hidden?


It's impossible to study with so much noise!

My brother was the apple of my father's eye.

Sedat was eager to speak to Norbert.


Why you give him this gift?


I have a very pretty girlfriend.

Can I get you some water?

The Democrats haven't decided on their candidates yet, but in any case they're sure to lose.


Urumqi is even colder than Kashgar.

Jarmo said he wanted answers.

I want to hear it from them.

When the wine goes in, strange things come out.

I've been banned from the art room.

We all mourned for the people killed in the accident.

With his interest in Justin Bieber, I just couldn't love him.


Ssi has feelings for Hector as well.

It is next to impossible for me to go with you.

I want it.

He's suffering from the effects of overwork.

I'll look around the city today.

There are lots of different types of dogs.

Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling, so I can't complain.

We're all a team now.

He's three years older than my father.

The travelers stayed at a seaside hotel.

This building should be kept as a national heritage.


My uncle is angry.

Kyu is courageous and fearless.

I've been studying English for three years.

Ignoring the significance of Tagalog isn't wise.

I'm between jobs.

We're expecting lousy weather today.

I'm looking for someone to create a website.

Morton has as attractive a personality as her sister.

This numerical analysis coursework is driving me insane.

Would you both excuse me a moment?

Irwin bought some land to build a house on.


Panicking isn't going to help.

I hear Surya has dropped out of school.

Ami is fascinating and mysterious.

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We can't stop her.

You never tell me that you love me.

Tell Radek to call me.

I would like steak with a baked potato.

Emily is an ignoramus.


Change is good.

Monarchs do not joke.

I've found a better way.


I'm sure that Srinivas would want you to go.

I want to take her home.

Alf is probably the best singer in our class.

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I wish Douglas had left a note.

The only one who knows how to do that is Yvonne.

The lights in the bathroom aren't working.

My grandmother told me so.

He took leave of his family and got on board the plane for New York.

Rogue isn't at home, but Mehrdad is.

She continued to see him in disregard of my advice.

I couldn't save Micah.

Why didn't Nhan tell us that he didn't know how to swim?


My cousin is getting married tomorrow.

If anyone can do it, it's Glynn.

Would you excuse me for a second?

I wasn't going to kill myself.

A gentleman would never do something like that.

I ate bread and butter this morning.

What kind of bird is this?


I'm worried about the global warming trend.


He gained weight.

I take a bath every other day.

I've been trying to find a way to reach Kamiya, but I can't.

Jane is not able to swim.

We have a nice house.

Why do some people not want children?

I still think we should've said no.

Mayo is the world's leading expert on stoats, who is credited with having written the most comprehensive encyclopedia to date about them.

Did Adrian, by any chance, let Shadow drive the car?

My friend invited me to dinner at the restaurant.

When will you live in Sanda next year?

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Brooke has finally succeeded.

Lum is being very cooperative.

We both have the same problem.

Nicolette is saving his money up to start a business.

We do like her.

I've been unable to contact Kari.

That never gets old.

Calvin wanted to be like his brother, John.

I'm just being sarcastic.

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Lukas put the letter opener back in the desk drawer.

Ralf had a stomachache.

We didn't find her.

They sowed their field with barley.

Are you trying to poison me?

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Siegurd remains uneasy.

Have you ever jumped from a bridge into the sea?

I don't know when he's coming.


He is a self-oriented person.

Growing children should not always be handled with kid gloves.

You've got to start somewhere.

Staying at home is boring.

This is a fork.