Pray for us to God.

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Little money will come from this business.


Tommy flicked her hair back.

Why do you have diarrhea?

Hanako likes cake very much.

Jingbai won't let me buy a motorcycle.

There was no plan whatsoever.

An epitaph is an inscription on a tomb, showing that virtues acquired by death have a retroactive effect.

This woman is very good looking.

I go to bed late at night.

I can't believe it.

Lucy witnessed a murder in the main square of Florence.

I am the happiest person in the world!


I need to talk to Trying about what's going to happen.

Ed is Jeffie's son-in-law.

Can you open the door from your side?

How am I supposed to know this?

Those were his actual words.

You will be washed.

I shouldn't have ignored Fay's advice.

Barbie has blond hair and blue eyes.

I almost called her.

Is this song in A minor or in C major?

You must not judge others by yourself.

I can't remember anything.

Annard looks like he's a bit tired.


We stayed at the Hilton Hotel.

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Brad has been driving me crazy.


I made a lot of trips to the employment bureau before I found a job.


Marilyn broke his leg last year and has limped ever since.


She loves Lance more than I do.

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Ask whatever you want to.

We don't know just yet.

Many thanks for this illustrative collection of examples.

My toe started bleeding.

We're taking turns.

He constantly criticizes other people.

Devil take the hindmost.


What type of movies make you laugh?


Ha-ha-ha-hah! No worry! I brazenly bluffed.

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Can you say how employees may be recognized for excellent performance?

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You were not able to check their movements.

I knew there was a problem.

The accident took place on the evening of last Sunday.

I never actually met them.

Slavery was legal in the new Republic of Texas.


Michiel is one of my in-laws.


Her words have a deeper meaning.


Tareq has trouble sleeping.

Marcos became a well rounded young woman.

I hope I will have a chance to see you next time I'm in New York.

She tried to lower her expenses.

Text while you're driving and you're 23 times more likely to have an accident.


I'm being punished.

The baby in the cradle is very cute.

He is at my side. He is beside me.

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Who are you texting now?

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Tracy doesn't believe in life after death.

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You must have come here as a kid.


I'd like to return this.

These pictures could've been taken at that time, I suppose.

Tobias has dark brown hair.

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Irvin nodded curtly.

That one, it is in stock.

She made the boy into a fine man.

Finish the cigarette and then come inside.

You should ask her to help.

Romain seemed busy.

Do we really have to go back?

You shouldn't talk about Jack behind his back.

Juan was alone at the time.

We'd better do that soon.

It'll take some time to get used to living here.

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The whole earth is the sepulchre of famous men.

Nanda helped us.

Can you tell me the way to the library?

I had gray hair.

I wanted to see how Caleb was doing.

Let's meet Mike at the station.

Is this the only difficulty in the way?

A good coach is like a father to his players.

Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself - and especially to feel. Or, not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That's what real love amounts to - letting a person be what he really is.

Shouldn't we turn off the heaters?

Keep the keys.


We'll soon find out.

Show her your hands.

I want Sridhar to understand what has to be done.

Laurel is good at telling stories.

Dominick will do it.

I came here to learn.

Caroline is hiding something from me, too.

I could've done this without your permission.

How small a screw do you need?

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Think about what I said.

It looks like it's just the two of us.

What's your favorite TV series?


All of the children were completely asleep before it got dark.

Do you think I should go home?

My heart was in my throat.

No one believes that anymore.

She was very glad to find the purse she had given up for lost.


It's really snow white.

Do you know where it is?

Who hired her?

There is no rule but has some exceptions.

Just ask Sundar.

Move your car, please.

Organic matter is formed by large molecules.

We are flying to Germany on Sunday.

The statistics show that our standard of living is high.

I hope we have fine weather tomorrow.

What a strange woman!

Do not play with the key.

It is rumored that secret peace talks have already begun.

Well, you've convinced me.

I need to study math.

I want to be happy, too.

Do you know how much Judith makes?

What does Pablo have to do with any of this?

I'm sure there's a way to find out.

Pedro made a few mistakes on the test.

The wet clothes stick to my skin.


The piano in Hsuan's house is out of tune.

I see nothing wrong with it.

Tran took part in the race.

She will sometimes sit still for hours.

This is the important part.

I was very proud.

The snow brought public transport to a halt.

You must feel very relieved.

I'm afraid I'm not much of a musician.

Maybe you licked it?

Do you really want to wake Soohong up?

Serve with vegetables and rice.

He was careless enough to get on the wrong train.

Lynnette heard the sound.

What do you really think of her?

Are you tolerant?

That child may have been kidnapped on his way home.


Did you show your record of service?

Some day you will regret this.

I must have expressed myself badly.

You gave it to us.

I'd rather be fishing.

My mother is out.

He was happy for a time.

Sanity is a very likable person.

I missed the school bus!

I do hope we don't lose.

In September 1972, a general statement between Japan and China was signed, and diplomatic relations were normalized.

The report revealed that many teenagers are alcoholics.

Nick seems stoic.


Sal won't be long.


I gather you're not interested in the job.

Has Janos noticed yet?

You have it in the bag.

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Seymour didn't know.

In answer to her shouts, people ran to help her.

How is your job search going?

The secretary is tired of typing.

I know I have to sleep now.

There's no demand for them as tools, so the product line-up is poor.

It's not ridiculous.

Is it OK if I stay here?

Have you been to Hokkaido?

We're prepared to take that risk.

Is a natural science major better than a social science major?