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Laser Calibration

We provide a multitude of world wide machine repair, rebuild services and laser calibration to a diverse group of clients. Our history dates back 30 plus years and started with the automotive industry, providing valuable repair and rebuilding services to the Big 3. As our technology and knowledge grew, we expanded our market into the Aeronautical, Medical and Petroleum manufacturing fields where we specialize in:

  • Machine Rebuilding / Remanufacturing of CNC and Conventional Metal Removing Machinery
  • Machine Repair
  • Ballbar Testing and Calibration
  • Laser Alignments and Calibration
  • Electronic Leveling
  • Precision Machine Way Scraping
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Rebuild/Remanufacture Slide Units
  • Machinery Painting
  • Robotic Services

Our ability to travel to other states and countries has allowed us to become a valuable asset to our clients.

Our quick response team is set up to deal with the most serious problems you may run into. By clicking on our emergency button, you will be contacted within the hour to access the situation and to work out the best method to get you up and producing again.

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