Sensy Fashion

#OOTD: Outfit of the Day 0


Today’s input for the #ootd is a simple glimpse of her shorts and a top before finally bidding goodbye as they will go into the hands of Goodwill. We were just getting rid of her outgrown clothes and she was sad about it...

My GlassesShop Eyeglasses 0


Defective Eyeglass of GlassesShop-  Which part? I received this eyeglass shown below from GlassesShop as an exchange of promoting their sale event way back last year. I know it’s been a long while, but I just found this yesterday while I was cleaning my...

Dad's Exquisite Timer Giveaway 5


  Welcome to Dad’s Exquisite Timer #Giveaway! Hosted by: Momsdrive Villa Co-hosted by: Walk with Me, Traveler’s FootSteps, Sensy Fashion, Momsdrive Finds, Mem’s Kitchen Father’s Day is just a few sleep away. Have you bought something special for your very special...