The tower was blown to atoms.

At the time I was convinced that was the case.

My friend doctored his ID to make it look like he was 18.

I'm mad at him.

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I didn't know who he was.

This will never happen again.

There are many who admire him.

Go to your room and wait there until I call you.

Is there something you're not telling me?

Are you having any difficulty swallowing?

I'm not ugly, but I'm not pretty either.

What is argumentation?

It's not my job to do that.

Sharan got a job as a carpenter.

His ideas are up to date.

They named their child Thomas.

I can barely hear him.

Is that what happened here?

I brought a present for you.


The hill glows with autumnal colors.


You can needlessly attempt to argue with me all you want; my brain is like a spam filter.

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I didn't know I was hurt.

Will you please advise him to work harder?

She had the kindness to pick me up at my house.

Harry does his homework before dinner.

I'm glad that God has chosen me to be your host.

I remember riding home on a pickup truck last Sunday.

I would like to be an English teacher.

That sounds very cheap.

He came back by way of Honolulu.


Mechael said he was taking Neil to the prom.

It doesn't seem so good.

I know now what I have to do.

You majored in literature at the university, didn't you?

Hillel has only fifteen minutes to eat his lunch.


I wonder if he enjoyed the last match.

Taiwanese food is milder than Indian food.

I'd like Dean to be happy.

My friend doctored his ID to make it look like he was 18.

I meant no disrespect.

Dimitry and Joanne have adopted a minimalist lifestyle.

I wash my hair every day.

I was feeling blue all day.

This table's surface is smooth.

Timo always pays for dinner whenever we go out together.

I don't ever remember meeting Erwin.

We weren't doing anything!

Declare your position in a debate.

"Give me another bottle", he said.

Are you angry at Alejandro?


I bought a glass vase.

Writers draw on their imagination.

You should be setting a good example for your younger brother.

He failed to apologize for betraying our trust.

Brodie is not very good at keeping secrets.


On account of illness, I couldn't call on you today.

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She can't explain what happened.


What are you going to do next?


She went to the United States for the purpose of studying English literature.

You won prizes in the spelling competition, didn't you?

Amy and Kent work in the same office.


I wish I could speak French as well as Shahid.

I hung my coat in the hall closet.

Have you ever mentioned this to the teacher?


Janet broke the glass.

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I'd be quiet if I were you.


Laurent took a sip from his beer can.

We have to call on him tomorrow at any rate.

That just happened.

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We can do whatever we please.

If everybody were me, the world would be a much better place.

Drew is one of the best dancers I've ever seen.

The mystery of life is beyond human understanding.

He has a ring.

In due time, his innocence will be proved.

Takayuki's life was spared.


Were you as disappointed as I was in the results of the Arab Spring?

Here's the letter from them.

Not everything on the web can be found through Google.


Get her off my hands.

Will you excuse us for a moment?

The scientist found that rats treated with the chemical lost on average 30% of their weight.

I wish you'd never been born.

They scanned the spaceship with a probe.


When does the train depart?

Let's help each other out.

Robert couldn't believe how cute Martin was.

Sazae is always forgetting her own phone number.

There were once upon a time a poor man and a rich woman.


You'd better sit down.

They should've contacted us.

Is everything you own in that chest?


I'll explain it all later.

Norbert is not as good-looking as Jeffrey.

Do you have a problem with her?

She never saw her father again.

We need a detailed description of what happened.

Kathryn promised to do his best.

She's supposed to be back by lunch time.


Rub the stain with vinegar.


I just heard that Nelken and Adrian are moving to Boston.

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I thought he was my special friend.


I think it's time for me to buy a decent car.

Val is a scumbag.

She hurried to the station so as not to miss the train.


I'm not scared of terrorists.

Tolerant eats lunch here at least once a week.

"She's been really selfish and self-centred", I thought, "whereas, for me, the word 'love' is sacred and deep."

This is of fundamental importance.

It was then I became occupied in liquidating members of the opposite sex.


Timo always wears a helmet when riding his motorcycle.

This is the first time I've ever fixed this machine.

After the dog died, they buried him in the backyard.

Young people should enjoy reading more.

In her home, kitchen garbage was fed to the pigs.

He left his parents when he was eight years old.

We saw it happen.

We can't afford to buy a new car.

Erwin has a lot of sex appeal.


By means of monthly payments, people can purchase more than in the past.


Such a problem is hard to deal with.

Is it possible to borrow money?

I braced myself against the crowd.


You got the walls all dirty.

"Look at me," said the Fox. "For the silly reason of wanting to study, I have lost a paw." "Look at me," said the Cat. "For the same foolish reason, I have lost the sight of both eyes."

I answered for him.

You're going to have to do better to convince me of that.

Sexual abuse victims often disassociate from their trauma.

How did you people know?

Marla began talking immediately.

He left Japan at the end of the year.

He has an eye for people.

We're coming back!

Did you tell Vince how good the movie was?

Randal works at a hospital near here.

This shirt must go to the laundry.

Get me the newspaper.

Our team may win.

It appears to me that you are right.

That's my jam!

Nobody knows why he turns down my help.

To be honest, I found that restaurant expensive.

His name is not on the list.

Nancy didn't have very many friends when he was young.

Please tell me about your trip.

That child did nothing but cry all day.

Don't lie about them.

She asked the office, in order to obtain more detailed information.


Go there and talk to her.

How many books do you read a month?

We think little of him as a scholar.

I'll go and meet him, if it's necessary.

His speech irritates me.


You bought, the women bought.


I sure hope I don't catch anything.

His proposals were adopted at the meeting.

I want to eat soft serve ice cream.

There are five people in this photo.

Naresh took Friday off.

Don't cast bacon before oysters.

Do you really love Travis?


We're done talking now.


I'm trying to figure out how it happened.

Everyone shouted for joy when they heard the news.

By an inconceivable contradiction, he did not forgive the young girl for having followed his orders.