Why can't our kids do that, too?

She has a crush on Justin Trudeau.


Meat's scarce.

She pouted at him.

She was brought up in the lap of luxury.


The door bolts on the inside.

I can't believe that spider is still there.

I admit her superiority to others.

A crime has been committed.

I want to borrow your car for an hour.

When do you arrive?

We'll go see Mason.

I think Herve could help me.

I can see Pierette's house, even her pink Mazda, using Google Map's street view feature.

Not everybody is the same.

The money disappeared.

That's all we want.

Will you help me with him?


Please remember me to your parents.


Have patience for another day or two.

You can't do that.

We'll pick you up as soon as we can.

I saw the boat sink.

Don't be a victim.

I'll be back tomorrow night.

I didn't even think Sandra liked Dirk.

Keep the room in good order.

I often find myself falling for jokers, regardless of their looks.


You have to put off your departure for England till next week.

Mother is in the kitchen.

There are some boys under the tree.


I would like to eat a hot soup.

Edwin and Arthur are playing chess with a set of hand-carved chess pieces supposedly in ivory.

Farragut captured New Orleans without a fight.

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I completely gave up.

It's likely to rain soon.

You forgot to erase your name.

Patty might be able to tell us what we want to know.

I am pleased with your present.


Everyone was disappointed.


How did Fred get it so wrong?

What he said to Beth was nothing less than an insult to her.

You should see what I found.

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Nobody supports my country.

It is not clear what the writer is trying to say.

Dan's autopsy revealed a surprise.

Nobody knew where those kids came from, but nobody wanted to receive them for fear of their disease.

Add seasoning, seasoned oil, and chili, to the boiling water.


You've got a lot to learn.

The boy wears mittens during cold weather.

I don't have time to deal with this letter. Could you deal with it?

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Morgan has been there three years.

Don't waste your breath with Fred. He'll never change his mind.

Ramsey and I often eat together.

How did you get here ahead of us?

I checked upstairs. She's not there.

My advice to you is to leave immediately.

I can't get that song out of my head.


Do you think I'm healthy?

People are stupid.

She's traveling alone.

Guido is quite good at French, isn't he?

He was ashamed of not having worked hard.


I'm going to write a sentence in German.

He looked down in shame.

I think Duncan wants something to write with.

The weather has been on and off here for a few days.

I should've listened to my father.


I think you're right.


That inn is 5,000 yen a night, meals excluded.


What more can I ask?


Call me later in the week.


What is the depth of the lake?

Who changed the subject?

We demanded that he explain to us why he was late.

I've been trying to explain to Neil what needs to be done.

She doesn't yet know the truth.

I wish I had a babysitting job.

I fell asleep before my father came home.


I told you Johnny would give me something for my birthday.


And then something amazing happened.

I like the sun.

We're talking about something else.


That's not exactly a top priority.


I take the liberty of going home.

We found a room to rent in a guest house.

That's an original idea.

Were you to take it back?

This is how our relationship started.

I need a meet with Barbara as soon as possible.

Left-hand threads have now become unsual in mechanics but they can still be found on some objects, such as on bicycles' pedals, for instance.

The project is not going well.

I'm 100% sure of my decision.


He is a man of ability.

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I've got to finish this.


Would you excuse us for a minute, please?

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Do you still want to go to lunch?

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It seems that the credit for my prepaid mobile phone account has run out.


Maybe you should quit drinking.


I'm not enchanting their children.

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Joachim hid the knife he'd killed Julius with in John's bedroom.

Nick doesn't need to come to my office.

In its broadest sense communication includes all forms of transmitting thoughts or feelings between people.


I'm getting tired of hearing you say that.

I have to complete a paper on the Japanese economy.

There are too many difficulties.

You must love her very much.

Don't you just hate unorganized lecturers?


Persian is not a difficult language.

It's getting cold again.

I'd love to do that, but I'm too busy right now.

The castle, burnt down in 1485, was not rebuilt.

Bert's not a bad kid.

Norma will get himself killed if he's not more careful.

The accident shows that he is careless about driving.

He stood gazing at the sight with his mouth open.

I passed every single test.


Look under the bed.


That was the funniest line in the whole show.

Sharan doubts that Luc loves you.

You promised me to take care of Janos.

Spike doubled over with pain.

A glance at Chart 2 will reveal that some of these trade cycles are very short-lived.

I wanted to get you the hell out of there.

Time to get up.

The question of reinstatement also needs to be clarified.

Well, Rudolf, we were worried about you.

He is a big man in the company.

He stayed in London for a time.


There's no danger.

Why don't you take the rest of the day off?

My favorite song is "Hotel Tatoeba".

Fight fire with fire.

He made six mistakes in as many lines.

They are talking loudly when they know they are disturbing others.

Snorri Sturluson's stories tells, among other things, how Christianity was spread in Norway by force.


Rafael looks hesitant.

The world's your studio.

We went skiing in Canada.


I will make up for the lost time by working as hard as I can.

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Blayne died when he was seventy years old.

The sidewalks were wet after the rain.

Here's a list of what we need.

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In all cases, love is perseverance.

Molly raises orchids.

I hope it's not Kristian.

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After she had weaned Lo-ruhamah she became pregnant and gave birth to a son.

I love snow.

Michiel didn't know how he could help.

Shane has a family now.

I expect her back by six o'clock.


I want you to help Jussi.

I tried to persuade Collin to come to Boston with us, but he said he had other things he had to do.

Oscar has waited long enough.

Ramesh did it on Monday.

"Where are you staying?" "At that hotel."

Love is only an invention.

Rudolf did not seem too sorry.