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No, I don't understand Mrs. Kunze.

Life would become bland without you.

I've always thought you were from Boston.

We're still thirty minutes away.

Is Milner out there?

I expected a little privacy.

I can't carry a tune.

I'm sometimes scared of the dark.

Barbara is the leader of the race.


The school year ended.

I have no idea where Kyung is.

Tickets are $30, and reservations are recommended.

I'm not saying I want to do that now.

How old was he in the first photo?


Chuck Norris can win a game of Connect Four in three moves.

Suddenly a huge wave came and the boat disappeared.

Day after day, all over the world, millions of people die of hunger in the streets.

He easily gets angry.

I didn't realize you were allergic to peanuts.

I don't know why Kris did what he did.

Or that was the idea.


I have not seen her for almost a year.


She is a Wiccan.

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I'll be happy to help you look for an apartment.

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I will tell thy wandering, which do thou write in the tablets of thy memory.


Two riders sped past me, and soon vanished in the distance.

The first spacecraft from Earth to visit Mars was Mariner 4 in 1965.

What do people usually do around here after work?


The kids will be happy to see you

Your advice is always helpful to me.

When shall we get together next?

"Who is that man?" "Mr Kato."

That really wasn't my fault.

I caught a glimpse of the other car right before he hit me.

Something was bothering her.

Janos has told me all about it.

Think now works as a dog walker.


We wanted to make this trip to see our friends.

That's nothing to be ashamed of.

He hurt himself when he fell.


Could you tell me if there are any mistakes in this sentence?

They call women who make a hobby out of collecting Chanel goods "Chanellers".

Any song sung in French puts me in a sexy mood.

His bread is buttered on both sides.

There is a park in front of my house.

Where did you grind them?

Will you be going to the party tonight? If not, let's go watch a movie.

This fluid can be substituted for glue.

Kris is now truly on his own.

"How do you get a lawyer out of a tree?" "Cut the rope".

That's a big lie.

Stephe is playing solitaire.

I tried climbing the mountain.

My parents left the church.

I'll show you exactly where I found this.

I didn't know what else to say to her.

You will fix it, won't you?

I have to recharge the batteries.

I don't want them in my house.

The Amazon Rainforest is a vast area in the north of South America, whose main river is the Amazon River

A misfortune never comes alone.

While some U.S. regions and some types of agricultural production will be relatively resilient to climate change over the next 25 years or so, others will increasingly suffer from stresses due to extreme heat, drought, disease, and heavy downpours.

The winners tell jokes; and the losers say, "Deal the cards."

Just seeing his house lets you know that he is poor.

We spent hours on the phone every day.

I got sleepy.

We've been waiting for an hour and the line has barely moved.


Are you scared to talk to girls?

He will keep us informed.

I am a student in a university.

I was a little thrown.

I'd like to question them.


I hold a belief in the importance of hard work.


Ning doesn't think Cyrus is right.

The more you get to know her, the more you'll like her.

Kusum noticed that Valerie was staring at him from across the room.

She always claimed to have been just another one of his victims.

I see your house.

I'm quite certain I don't want to be married to you.

Why ever should we fetch the key, I wonder?

Are you still afraid something might happen?

I'll work with Hubert.

The price is low, but then again, the quality isn't very good.

Even if I don't get a high salary, I'm not willing to quit this way of making a living.


Write about the relationship between the artificial environment and the natural environment.

You have never wanted to study anyway.

We're not going to buy anything today.


Richard is taking a break.

John refused to back down.

The old cottage has a certain charm about it.

I thought Alberto had answered all your questions.

The beautiful Vasilissa came forward, as bright as a star, bowed to her sovereign, bowed to the honorable guests and danced with her husband, the happy Tsarevitch Ivan.


This isn't the time.

Christofer challenged Ravindranath to another game of chess.

As far as I go, I'm a cook. The only thing I do is prepare the food.

I'm going to get there first.

It's been a while since the last time.


Jeany got holes in his socks from not cutting his toenails.


I wish Timothy would stay away.

Jinchao is going to get himself killed.

I don't have everything I need.

Leave your coffee there so it can cool off.

All I want is you.

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Let's sit down on the bench.

She liked the new dress.

Thanks to his advice, I succeeded in the examination.

Slavery was legal there.

I'm not sure Emma would want me to give you that.


He walked on tiptoe lest he be heard.

The fastest meteoroids move at about 42 kilometers per second.

I'm sure Lynnette appreciates everything you've done for him.


I must find out who is behind this.

Phiroze simply couldn't keep up.

I'm getting forgetful these days, but what can you do?

She's a geisha.

I like your car.

Right now I don't have any time.

What's good?

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I just want to know what Leon said.

He drives his own car.

I have to have that.


Manjeri was alone in the kitchen.

Marsh enjoys being a celebrity.

It's been a long time since I've heard the word "baby bottle".


Hon slept under a bridge last night.

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I called Liza to apologize to him, but he hung up on me.


This looks like an attempt at rephrasing a well-known English proverb.

There can be no great accomplishment without risk.

The bank reassured us that our money was safe.

Say: the truth from the Lord of you all. Then whosoever will, let him believe, and whosoever will, let him disbelieve.

I don't get up as early as my mother.


What do you want him to do?

I'm afraid this boat will sink if we take more than seven people.

Claude tried to look busy.

He paid too high a price for success.

There is a large garden at the back of his house.


We should brainstorm all the possibilities.


Don't forget smoking is bad for your health.

Is death the only possible exemption?

Do you think I should go by myself?

I will do everything I can to go.

What do you say to taking a cup of coffee?

You're embarrassing!

I was born prematurely.

Why do you like horses?

I think it's about time for me to get a haircut.


Thank you for advising me.

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Where am I supposed to be right now? I can't find anyone in my group.

Amy and Norma think they know everything.

Rudy knows he's in trouble.

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You can accelerate as much as you want, but since the car's in neutral, we won't be going anywhere.

I have a diploma.

That store closed in 2013.


I miss you.

She doesn't look happy to see us.

You're weird.


Rick never knew how Mike felt.

George was the high sport of the evening.

Rand is old enough to drive.

I've seen Calvin dance many times.

I'm pleased with her performance.

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What did you just tell Aaron?

The angel then said to him: 'Do not kill your child, nor should your hand stretch out over his neck!'

Where did you heat them?