I thought about my family.

I told you to stay in the house.


Why did you say that?

This company manufactures computer chips.

You really ought to study harder.

She is apt to look only at the surface of things.

I have no interest in doing this anymore.

Clean the ashes out of the fireplace.

Lloyd knew what Dory knew.

I know Santa was there.

I'll be there Friday night.

Could you give me a ball-park figure?

It's five o'clock already? Where does the time go?

His conduct was admirable.

I have many Esperanto-speaking friends.

You're just a girl.

I'm giving you time until tomorrow.

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Invite him to come watch a movie.

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I don't even think Knapper heard me.

I'd like to have a little talk with you.

We had an agreement. You broke it.


Lar's shoes were so tight he couldn't wiggle his toes.


Kaj apparently can't speak French.


Are you a Canadian citizen?

I just want you to make a good first impression.

Hardly had I met her when I fell in love with her.

I am going to apply for a scholarship.

Do you pay attention to what I say?

Jingbai talks about that a lot.

"Is he coming?" "No, I don't think so."

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I'll tell you about it someday.

It never hurts.

You shouldn't read in such poor light.

In order to participate in this online survey, we may ask you some personal information.

Do you see anything you recognize?

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I struck up an acquaintance with him.

Thierry didn't notice the bullet holes in the wall.

She loves me; she has grown unused to her former state of life.

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I'm about Mitch's age.

You must not leave right now.

We don't have enough money to buy a new car.

We need our demands to be met.

I don't know much more than that.


Such sports as tennis and baseball are very popular.

Granville was lying unconscious on the sidewalk.

They branded you a coward.

I laughed my head off!

Ian got poked in the eye.

We'll meet wherever you want.

I think they're honest people.

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We captured them.

I told her that I'd help you.

Did Raif tell the cops what happened?


Place the spoon to the right of the knife.


How can you eat at a time like this?

Today isn't my birthday.

Sergio has a tendency to jump to conclusions.

I'm sorry I'm late. It won't happen again.

He got his girlfriend pregnant and they had to get married.


Abraham then immediately returned to his servants and so they went home with heavenly blessing.

Give my best regards to your parents.

Nobody deserves to die like that.

I was very happy about it.

I struck up an acquaintance with him.

Everyone has natural talents.

Roxanne is strong, isn't he?

He exerted a special attraction on anorexic women, and his forearms were the size of surfboards.

Can you pronounce these words?

I heard from Steven.

You're going to drive me crazy!

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You got what you came for.

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Cats are nocturnal animals.

Why can't they do it?

The writer is very good at a dialog.


Everyone considers him to be honest.

Dan didn't even go upstairs.

Matthieu was scared of Bruce.

Be careful. I don't want you to hurt yourself.

Tigger may not have finished his homework yet.


Mr. Yoshida never breaks his promise.

The concrete mixing plant is just a mile from the worksite.

I stay with you.

I'm very pleased to meet you, too.

We've talked it over among ourselves.


Susanne is younger than you might think.


They can speak Spanish.

I'm good at many things.

As far as I'm concerned, she's a complete stranger.

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I'll be patient.

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This Bible came from an Australian foundation.

Allan was on the same flight as me.

I dreamed about a bow.

Stu has three older brothers.

Be quiet for a moment.

Can you really tell the future?

Everything is subject to the laws of nature.

What was her reaction?

That's a fine way to treat a friend.


I have an older brother and a younger sister.

Should we continue?

I absolutely don't know that woman.

Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun.

Many consider Italian to be the world's most beautiful language.

I'm afraid of going blind.

She went to Bible camp.

I think it's getting better.

"I'll be working all weekend." "Why? What happened to the other cleaning lady?" "Oh, so I'm a cleaning lady now? Thank you for the promotion."


My mother has a driver's license, but she doesn't drive.

Did you ask Cristina why he wasn't at the meeting?

Albert told me who I should talk to.


I hated history class.

Alan must be so proud.

From the center of the ceiling of this kitchen, old Wardle had just suspended with his own hands a huge branch of mistletoe.

The only access to the farmhouse is across the fields.

It doesn't seem strange, but for some reason it feels strange...


I just wanted to tell you that the cookies you made for me the other day were very, very good.

Kemal deserves a second chance.

Her clothes were used.

Tell Perry that I'm fine.

Why should we harm you?

I'd rather do something else.

Why was Knudsen laughing?


Love watching baseball and football.

Vote for your favourite place.

Boyce is a terrible father.


Just don't hurt me.


Marsh is very depressed.

The anxiety of sellers to avail of prices which look very high.

Vic was partially correct.

Should we call her?

The priest's cassock billowed gently in the wind.

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Why didn't I listen to you!

The question was much discussed.

I've got a lorry.


She graduated from high school last year.

Neutrinos rarely interact with matter.

I know that's not why you're here.


My wife is anything but a good cook.

All is fair in love and war.

Tim failed English last semester.


It's still warm.


He works few days a week, and gets little money.


The more she talked, the more bored I got.

Gene gave William some practical advice.

Whatever do you mean?

I wound up in the hospital.

Don't be too sensitive to criticism.

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This computer didn't cost much.


I have nothing to add.

Please come to my office.

He was equipped for a trip.


I don't study as much as I should.

We need to be more careful.

That's sweet of you.


As far as I know, this is not the case.

If I catch you hitting my cat one more time, I'll kick your ass. I'm telling you, this is your last chance.

If something happened to you, I don't know what I'd do.

Men and women made huge amounts of money overnight.

I saw a lot of people in the park.

Suzanne is always forgetting his own phone number.

Trevor knows how to have a good time.