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Ravindranath has a cold.

Shankar knows when to quit.

Lorraine went to the city by bus.

You two make such an attractive couple.

My dream is to become a firefighter.


I didn't know who else to ask.

Indra can't turn his back on Sridharan now.

Do you know Persian?

Kathy is gazing at the stars.

That's all I have for you.

I'll give you anaesthesia.

Now we know how Vivek did it.


Someone's trying to get in.

The air of Sydney is cleaner than that of Tokyo.

My sister made me a beautiful doll.

I don't believe such things exist.

Remember you still have my confidence.

They were outraged.

You didn't really mean that, did you?

What did it mean?

They'll grow.

The flowers withered for want of water.

I've been wanting to do that all day.

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These shoes are very comfortable.

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This computer can cope with much work.

I travel a lot.

I really can't be late.


I'm furious at you, Kristin.

Do you really want to go to Boston again?

This argument is utter nonsense.

Duke is very laid back.

I can't eat any fruits in the mornings.

Here's my number.

I have enjoyed myself to the full.

You were really great.

I can't eat this.

Some people quarrel for no reason at all.

At a glance, he knew that the child was hungry.

Japanese people tend to think that way.

I cannot afford to buy a new car.

"You are almost out of time", said the teacher.

That's toilet humor.

Why don't you just tell Sjouke the truth?

Toby told me you think I had something to do with this.

The dog barked a lot.

I'm sorry, but I must insist. I have to talk to him.

I really do believe he was a great man.

He took the elevator with her.

They were looking for a place at which they could pitch the tent.

I'm going off to Vancouver next week to see my sister.

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I have no words to express my gratitude.

Reinhard and John are sworn friends.

They live two flights up.

I little hoped to meet you here.

They probably know.


Kate bought his cat an expensive toy, but she was not interested. Instead, she ran to the neighbour who always gave her a bowl of good food.


This is not war.

I suppose I could ask him.

I know that there are many racists here, but you don't have to change your name.

Nou raised his glass to Jean.

The police continued their investigation.

Shamim ate the chocolate chip cookies that Celia made for him.

I barely missed being struck.

Saiid's parents cannot stand Gunter.

He may well complain about his salary.

By the way, my English is absolutely hopeless.

This stuff is disgusting.

As the attendees of the DTA General Meeting will be offered the block rate, when you reserve Marriott Hotel for me, please notify them that I will attend it.

Juergen told me I shouldn't wear a pink shirt.

She works in world shop.

There are few, if any, mistakes.

The Japanese public bathhouse was once used as a center of social life in one's neighborhood.

His parents ran a hotel.


Let go of him!


Are these bananas ripe?

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She went straight to bed.

You don't have to listen to what he says.

You always take the lion's share!


This will be an interesting challenge.


Should I come with you?

You know it's true.

Some people never fail to astonish me.


We hate Halloween.

Don't climb on this!

They say that Marie Antoinette was responsible for the French Revolution.

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I am proud of being a doctor.

This book gives a blow by blow account of how the banking system is ruining our financial security.

This is the big tough world.

A young girl was at the steering wheel.

They grow melons under glass.

We'll soon be home.

Jackye grabbed Frank by the throat and choked her.

He did nothing wrong.

Have you been speaking Italian?

He is openly gay.

Your chicken soup is great.

What time do you start school?

Dirk is in bed reading.

I just don't agree with him.

I look forward to your comments on the report.

Surya should have known better than to trust Vishal.

The situation calls for drastic measures.


In the post office, mail is classified according to the place where it is to go.

Death is the great leveler.

I'm quite certain Albert was here yesterday.

I wasn't able to reenroll.

It's monkey meat.

I wouldn't change a thing.

I am to meet her at five at the station.


The wound has not yet healed.

I hurt my back.

His father administers some companies.

I want to make my home in America.

I'll get there as soon as I can.

Nou has been here for three days.

Glen doesn't want you to go, does he?

I found it difficult to achieve my purpose.

I wish I could drive.

She asked him to mail that letter.

She's a belly dancer.

I'm meeting Kirk at the station at 2:30.

I didn't admit anything.

Have you ever had any serious illness?

Maureen doesn't trust the government.

As far as I know, he said that himself.

Everyone is very proud of you.

I'm not speaking to her.

I don't even know how to respond to that.

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The same sounds well!

I'll go do that.

Laurianne works in Singapore for a London-based company.

Did you ask after her? What did she say?

The house that Leslie built is really nice.

He fell in love with a pretty girl.

If someone invited you to a white tie event, would you know what to wear?

Did you actually see Henry?

I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance.


It was a hot debate.

Johnathan took a commercial flight to Boston.

I just can't forget it.


Is it all necessary?

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Do you have anything else to say?

Martyn and Linley do many things together.

Leigh pretends he doesn't understand French.

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I don't think you're as good of a driver as you say you are.


I'm uncomfortable.

He is fond of adventure.

I'll see if Marc knows how program in JavaScript.

Girls don't like you.

Can I go with you?

Cause and effect react upon each other.

Right after the teacher finished the class the bell rang.

I'm fascinated by the extraordinary flexibility of this language.

The Finance Minister said the July rise in inflation was only a blip.


Won't you join us for dinner?


"Everybody is invited." "Even Noam?"

We thought it was fantastic.

I think Kuldip is jealous of you.

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What happened freaked us out.

Alexander didn't start to play the trombone until he was twenty.

I just can't get along with Jarl.

I forgot all about Jennifer.

I'm having a hard time with German grammar.

Margaret is heroic.

We tried to get Timo to come.

I've always considered you a friend.

Darrell pushed the raft into the water.

The unwaged often receive a discount at theatres and museums.

Brilliant people have one major drawback - they don't know how to lose.

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I'm resentful.

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A ship is seen a long way off.