It's not like you not to call.

It was small.

I'm planning to buy a house and will need to earn a lot of money.

Your objection has been noted.

I'm to be blamed for that matter.

Wayne didn't think he'd ever get used to sleeping on the floor.

I'll drop if I don't sit down.

Jagath was the one who gave me the painting that's hanging above my fireplace.

That's my final offer.

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I don't drink anymore.

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I might have something here that will help you.

Formerly, a book was worth its weight in silver, if not in gold.

He is engaged in teaching.

She gave a big pull on the rope.

Hon is extremely rich.

I wouldn't do it even if I could.

This is not an easy question.


Did you find the book interesting?


Go ahead. I'll meet you downstairs.

Everett crawled underneath the bed.

The mailman just delivered a parcel.

Stu had a perfect record.

Sanford is terrified of talking to strangers.


All books can be divided into two categories.

This wind announces a storm.

You'll have to wait and see.

I enjoyed it.

Courtney walked back to the podium.

Lorenzo didn't have much money.

I did them a favor.

Beauty is a power that often clouds our judgement.

This field is fallow.


Multilateral trade negotiations ran aground over import quotas.

Matthias was dumbfounded.

I think that he wants to buy a new dictionary.

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My uncle asked me to take care of the chickens.

Your name has been removed from the list.

Let's look into the matter.

Later he wrote to the president.

Come on, you can tell me.

This room is not very large.

I ordered pizza.

He believes he knows everything.

Don't wait.

Do you travel?

Do you like this band?


I'm being sincere when I say that I love you.


The handcuffed man headbutted the officer escorting him to his cell.

It is a moral question.

Ask a silly question and you'll get a silly answer.

We might need to help him.

You should see the film.


Please bring me two pieces of chalk.

He has what to reproach you for.

Actually, I don't like coffee.


Solar energy poses no threat to the environment.

Joyce only did half his homework.

What've I ever done to him?


At first I tried to write everything down in my notebook.

She wore a ribbon tied around her hair.

I saw you looking at her.

Some people say French is easy to learn.

Gregory was in Boston last week on a business trip.

I'm a reliable and responsible person at work.

My father went jogging after dinner.

What kind of English is that?

Are you going to be home for dinner?

Who told you to go home?

You seem like a cool guy. Can we be friends?

Don't you regret what happened last night?

I'm just stating the facts.


I'm sure Audrey will succeed.

I've known Adlai for 13 years.

Kory is badly wounded.


I believe that he is honest.

Scot's asleep.

Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter, Sermons and soda water the day after.

Barring snow, father will come home.

Why do you want her?

If I was left alone on the elevator at four in the morning, I'd shout to attract the neighbors' attention.

I don't care if Bucky comes or not.

Raul will do it his own way.

King's room is dirty.

He peeps, he farts, the pope.

Everyone here is afraid of you.

How many people were present at the meeting?

Carter practiced very hard every day.

I just want your love.

He's the perfect man for him.

Hubert and Sergei are still in the kitchen.

We're being unfair.


You shouldn't lie to us.

I wonder if this restaurant has pulao.

Kristi would've done the same thing.


Birds build nests.


This is capital. May it grow!


The theory is too abstract for me.

His name sounds familiar.

Please cover yourself.


Did Bryan call you last night?

Would Doug let me wear this?

Are you going to do something about that?

Everyone was friendly to the new girl.

What's your favorite way to travel?

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They went on vacation together.

Where should I transfer?

She hung up angrily.

I'm sorry, this is a private party.

I don't really like dogs all that much.


Harry asked for a pay raise.

Malloy stopped here.

After her first date with Randall, Sumitro was distracted all day, couldn't concentrate on her classes and didn't feel hungry.

It's mine.

Planes land at the airport.

Demand the exclusion of the country from the U. N.

I'm no different.

I've heard enough.

The new price structure will kick in at the beginning of next financial year.

Are you saying that I don't have a brain?

Relax, and above all, don't panic.


I see you're all awake.

Timo has a kid.

The world chased me, but never caught.


The meeting went ages longer than it should have, because the chairman allowed people to ramble on about things that weren't on the agenda.


That isn't true, is it?

You may act however you wish.

It is not without risk to swim in this lake.

Have you eaten lunch yet?

It was an accident, Kinch.

Is that what Joseph thinks happened?

The dictionary is useful and, what is more, not expensive.


The storm prevented me from attending the farewell party in honor of Mr Suzuki.

Dan sent the machines to a site where they would be dismantled.

Look at the mountain whose top is covered with snow.

Would you ask Taurus to join us?

I got here Monday night.

In that kind of case, it's best to make a trial of drawing up a budget.

Maybe you'll need more help.

Judy is patient.

They look healthy.

It's going to snow tomorrow.

I gave Skip an apple.

You don't have to come to the party.

I thought about all the times we used to play together as kids.


I switched one off.


I have no reason to lie to her.


Everyone is a drunkard.

You can't let him win.

I lifted my daughter up so she could put the star on top of the Christmas tree.

Nanda probably thought I didn't know how to use chopsticks.

His meeting began at five in the afternoon.

We looked about us.

As soon as we are born, the world gets to work on us and transforms us from merely biological into social units.

I'm a lucky man.

Do you think I need one?

I think you need some sleep.

I took his side in the argument.

I feel better every day.

They will go to the woods to pick mushrooms, weather permitting.

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This car comes with free satellite radio.

I carelessly deleted your e-mail address and had to ask Russell in New Zealand for it.

It's not a watch.


I'm pretty sure we've got enough petrol to get us home.

I'm no longer your assistant.

I tried to speak Chinese and Mr. Wang tried to speak French.

Are we sure that everything will go fine?

Johnny has smooth, shiny hair.

Stu offered Triantaphyllos a cup of coffee.

It is Thursday.