What does this news augur?

I didn't quite hear you.

Peggy wouldn't go back to sleep.

Of course I know who he is! He's an incredibly smart boy.

We have to clear the snow from the roof.

You might want to wear a jacket.

They love to give parties all the time.

You're very attractive.

What did you spill?


I'll let you speak to Olof.


We want to keep everybody safe.

Spock was so flirting with you.

Mikael has a gramophone.

Schools have tried to limit their use by not allowing them to be used in math classes, although they allow them in science lessons to save time.

I was fined thirty dollars for speeding.

I've got a problem.

My dad owns a lot of books.

We are very far from home.

Cristina wants desperately to do the right thing.

Thad didn't tell Guillermo the whole truth.

I am not going to join the year-end party tonight.

We have to save money against a rainy day.

I want to say this the right way.


I didn't understand the question.

I saw a woman with hollow cheeks.

She has been single for a while.

You need to come here tomorrow.

I speak Danish, Swedish and English.


He damned his men right and left.

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Is it legal?

Where else was I to go?

I know the boy.

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What did Dan ever do to you?

Moe trusted us.

Sheila is drawing something.

Mitch left the house about 2:30.

He hung a light from the ceiling.

Sidney is younger than I am.

My boyfriend is crying.

He's rather handsome, isn't he?

I want to finish what I started here.

You're wearing too warm clothes.

I wish I could be in Boston now.


I'm pretty tall.


I had a bad cold for a week.

You're not allowed here.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the problem is fixed.

There's just one chair left.

Don't you regret getting that tattoo?

I feel like sleeping all day.

Every Sunday afternoon, I go to the bazaar.

Meehan has forgiven Kari for everything.

Rotate your screen to see other images.

Did you really just say that?

Hail, guildbrother.


I'll stand behind you if you are going to do it.

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Kathy was reluctant to go by himself.

Tell him I'm in a meeting.

I heard a thud.

The picture was taken by him.

You're optimistic, aren't you?


There came to Japan a foreigner.


He announced my statement to be true.


What happened at the beach?

I wish I had eaten breakfast.

I want you to stay quiet for a few minutes.

June had nothing better to do.

I'm not going to tell you again.


Do you have the picture?

She dabbled with drugs.

He married a stewardess.


I'm sure there is nobody as kind as you are the whole world.

How long do they wish to spend here?

How long were you down there?


Cookie is drinking.


Just a moment. Can I just finish?

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In labor negotiation union leaders play an important role.

You will do well to leave him.

I've met Giovanni before.


Do you like my shoes?

We helped them out when we could.

Randy lives on his own.

Speak plain truth.

My daughter will come of age next year.

Walking is nice.

The gym is across from the home store.


I don't think Pierre has enough money to buy that.

I live near her house, but I seldom see her.

I recognized you.

Lorien is really annoying.

I'm not home yet because I didn't take the bus.

They reneged on the agreement.

I went to Boston with her.

This child did nothing but cry.

It's really exciting.

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Marshall is a friend of a friend.

His latest musical pieces are just variants of his earlier work.

You should've been a farmer.

The book Lloyd has that Naim wants to read was given to him by John.

Leads drives a black car, doesn't he?

Panicking will certainly not help.

Forget about the past, live the present, think about future.


He hurt his hand while falling.

They were happy when I told them.

These brain teasers are maddening. I can't figure out any of them!

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Will you introduce me to her?

These books are used by him.

Sylvan is too young to travel alone.

He's my new friend.

What is Lana's shoe size?

I had no problem with that.

Tell me again where Sid is planning to go to college.

"Educational autism" in the California school system apparently has looser criteria than the DSM-IV's series of autistic disorders.

Are you sure she'll come on time?

He made it clear that he intended to do so.

We're going to see them.

Jeremy definitely earns more money than Jeany does.

I'm sure Rudolf is exaggerating.

We should be doing something now.

Can you get up?

Marco couldn't control his anger.

He saw a small plaster on her left knee.


I am on medication.

Just sit down and relax.

That would be my suggestion.

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The orbit of Mars around the Sun is extremely elliptical.

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Money is important in this way.


Tell them thanks.

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If your books have not come, take ours.

Except for Sundays, he works every day.

I've never heard of such a thing.

Those supposed photos of a UFO were finally debunked as an elaborate forgery.

Matthias was there with one of his friends.


Since I had a cold, I was absent from school.


Caroline wears the same costume every Halloween.

I think he has two children.

He received rough treatment.

Do you have a gift shop here?

I know she is in France.

He had the kindness to show me the way to the theater.

Any man that tries to rob me of my dignity will lose.

If I wanted to scare you, I would have told you about what I dreamt about a few weeks ago.

He overslept this morning.

Debbie has been told what to do.

How's your love life?

He's always dissatisfied.

Ralph made a great deal of money working on oil rigs.

Martyn doesn't know where Dalton wants to live.

I like the meat rare.

Dr. Rueda arrives.

I'll leave it to you to buy the tickets.

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A good horse knows its rider.


You were kind to help me.

Do you know who Clare is?

They can't afford it.

Patricio rushed out after Jochen.

I owe what I am today to my uncle.


This huge war has been prolonged.

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I can't believe you're going to ask Mosur to marry you.

You will burn in hellfire.

I'm not saying you can't go. I'm just saying I think you shouldn't go.

Which way is the cheese shelf?

Lucy likes Jess.

How can we stop Marion?

I read the news about the landslide caused by the storm.