I hope you like chocolate cake.

Do you still love me a little?


It took us three hours to come to a conclusion.

I still have a lot of things to buy.

Do you still think I'm the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?


We are to preserve nature.

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You can use a dictionary for this exam.

Nou told Norm that she shouldn't swim.

That has nothing to do with what we're talking about.

He just texted me.

I hope that you received my comments.

Difference between the past, present, and future is nothing but an extremely widespread illusion.

Maurice loves Raul, but she doesn't love him.

I thought Miriamne and Vickie were hungry.

That's very strange.

My friend has had three jobs in a year; he never sticks to anything for long.

If Les had had enough money, he would have gone to Boston with Karen.

Who am I going to lean on when the times get rough?

He speaks good Japanese, but I cannot speak German.

I think that he won't come.

I don't think we want to go down that road.

The gun went off while he was cleaning it, and the bullet almost struck his wife.

Traffic accidents happen daily.

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Why won't you tell me?

As a kid I was possessed by a ghost.

I saw him a few minutes ago.


Am I to contribute either colourful and interesting sentences or those that illustrate basic syntax?

We can still break even.

Normally, it takes years.

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Winston loved his sister.

Jean-Christophe is the one with the problem, not me.

That's better, isn't it?

You have nothing whatever to be embarrassed about.

He has made a promise to come again.

He told me that there were many foreigners in Eritrea.

A very brief warning or explanation is enough for an intelligent person.

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This math problem is unsolvable no matter which approach you use.

I didn't know you were back in town.

I now live in Helsinki, but I'm originally from Kuopio.


I didn't steal it.


Felix told Jerome he wasn't interested in helping her do anything.


Sooner or later, we'll have to buy a new TV as ours is a very old model.


It's your disgusting arrogance that makes you completely insufferable.

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Can I get back to work?

I was the one who suggested that Tanaka hire a bodyguard.

Could you please wait until I'm finished?


It looks like Wendy has been crying.


I have supported you throughout.

Oh, now I feel the wind blow hi, hi, hi, hi.

Sometimes it's not so simple.

Am I responsible for this?

Everybody's got secrets.

I can't believe Jacob isn't here.

How can you be so naive?

Vicki bought a new car.

We have the edge on them.

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If I need money, I'll ask my father.

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Should we call Leung?


She always knows better than the boss.


He's got style.

Incidentally, I know that "rlpowell" is not a Lojban name.

What we really want is some more time.

Jeffrey took his daughter to school.

You'll change your mind.

He was adapted to the circumstances.

There was enough snow to close the road.

Even if you are busy, you should keep your promise.

I cannot breathe pure air. I live in a large city.


Is your new computer working well?

How many calories have you had today?

The lights came back on.

Second best is never enough.

She has a thing for older men.

I think you know what I'm interested in.

She danced all night long.

They drove across several villages during the trip.

Her eyes were wide open in surprise.

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All of my students call me by my first name.


I finally got her on the phone.

This, however, is not possible.

He finished the work at the expense of his health.

I'm not done with you.

Have you cleaned your teeth?

Wine is put in casks to age.

The contract will expire soon.


You made me buy that for you.


He who loves Root would love Mikael.

Well, I'll be damned!

I answered no.


There lived a king in an old castle.

Sally was nice to everyone.

When are you getting married?

It took Nanda a long time to finish his homework.

Don't worry too much. It's okay.

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I want you to leave her alone.

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Nobody can control us.

The boy grew up to be a great statesman.

Could you dial for me? The telephone is too high.

You can't mix oil and water.

Who is taller, Lorenzo or Natraj?

Where are you taking him?

I'm telling you the whole truth.


She likes short skirts.

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I know that I'll die soon.

This product is an intelligent integrated information system.

What causes it?

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I write poems, but they're really bad.

This bar is a popular student hangout.

He helped me carry the baggage.


I enjoy salsa dancing.

The clock is broken.

Mac was the only one who handed in his homework on time.

Hello, son. I trust you're healing well.

When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.

Is the drawing quite explanatory?

I left my bag here.


Malaclypse used to be angry all the time.

He had no choice but to do as he was told.

Are you angry with her?

She got a pair of shoes from Father.

Well, you can't.

I don't really know what this means.

Charley can't whistle.

You won't be let down if you read the entire book.

We can't live like this.

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Ragnar never knew that I secretly hated him.

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We're interviewing them.

Hurf walked into the house, carrying a coat.

We hold the same principles.


Where are your parents now?


Please don't accuse me of something I didn't do.

Bobbie continually eats cake.

I've got to get back home by midnight.

I hope Betty does that.

This could happen to you, too.

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Mohammad is a smart man.

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Mysore would like to take part in the contest.

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This investigation can act as a foundation for more comprehensive research.


Do you understand Latin?

He had to give up his dream after his accident.

It looks like someone's jealous.

I wish everyone would go home.

I politely corrected her.


How will I write without a computer?

Don came home very late last night.

If you can read this, it means that you can speak one language!


My neighbour's name is Deng Daping.

Betty cannot keep any secret to herself for a long time.

Wendy and I are good friends now, but we didn't like each other the first time we met.


Dwayne gave me everything I needed.

At a time when women's voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed, she lived to see them stand up and speak out and reach for the ballot. Yes, we can.

A footballer, who had two cervical vertebrae broken in a tackle last week, may never walk again.

I'm disappointed and angry.

There was something there.


Don't tell her anything except the absolute truth.


We had to yield to their request.