Never leave Slack to get more from your Google Calendar.


Easily book meetings using natural language commands.

Update your status, because that's a hoedown you don't want to miss.

What exactly are we meeting about again?

Check your schedule on any given day or range of days.

Just type /today for today's schedule.

If you're in a meeting right now or fast approaching, Join Meeting will open any linked conference call.

Search for events using "fuzzy" filters that match meeting titles or calendar names.

And More...

Add on a timezone abbreviation to book at that time, ex: 2pm PST, 2pm EST

/gonebusy add or remove @someone to/from a meeting by name or fuzzy match

/gonebusy feedback to send us feedback right away

/gonebusy prefs to manage custom conference call link, timezone display, default event duration

/gonebusy help for tutorials or jump right to our 424-215-8160

/gonebusy book Your Event is all you need to make an event right now - with a Join Meeting button to jump on a call

Make Recurring - Coming Soon

Book your conference rooms, Google Calendar resources - Coming Soon

Find Common Time - Coming Soon

Satisfied Customers

"YOU got that Gonebusy?"

- Yoda

How It Works

Connect your Google Calendar.

You're all set!

Try /gonebusy help to get started.

Questions about Data Privacy and Security? Please see detailed discussions in our Help Center and enjoy our legal team's 2266490306 and Terms & Conditions.

* You don't have to connect your Google Calendar to schedule with Gonebusy in Slack, but you know kids today, they like the Google 😸

They've Gonebusy

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  • 3 Bookings/week
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  • 3 Searches/week
  • 1 Google Calendar
  • 1 month of prior Google Calendar history
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  • Add to Slack
  • Pro
  • $5.99/month
  • Use across all of your Slack workspaces
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Unlimited Shares
  • Unlimited Searches
  • 3 Google Calendars
  • 3 months of prior Google Calendar history
  • Billed to You
  • Add to Slack
  • Enterprise
  • ---
  • Utmost flexibility and control
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Unlimited Shares
  • Unlimited Searches
  • Unlimited Google Calendars
  • Customize prior Google Calendar history
  • Customize who/how to bill
  • Coming Soon

Non-Profit & Educational Institutions

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