• Sankalpa Workshop

    Live intentionally!
    Asana, meditation, mantra, and exploratory journalingto support and ignite your deepest heartfelt desire.
    January 5th, 2-5pm
    CT Yoga Center
  • Fifty Plus: Flexible & Fit

    A gentle guided yoga class for increased mobility, flexibility, stability and strength. Tuesday and Thursday, 9-10am at Vinnie's Jump n' Jive on Main Street, Middletown.
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  • Satya & Nidra

    Unwind your body with non-weight bearing movements, then quiet your mind with guided relaxation. This a is profound healing and restoration experience. Don't miss it!
    November 18th, 11am-12:30pm
    Rama Luna

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As soon as you walk into a class with Sybil, you automatically feel more at ease, more at peace. Her classes can be challenging but cater to individuals with all different levels of yoga experience. It’s refreshing to feel like I don’t have to be perfect at every pose or even be able to do every pose to take one of her classes. She is patient and kind and extremely knowledgeable about yoga. I would strongly urge everyone to take at least one class with her. It’s hard not to get hooked.

— Debbie K.