I feel dizzy. I think I'm going to faint.

We hardly ever see Scott anymore.


Many politicians don't keep their promises.

Nothing happened to me.

Most scientific breakthroughs are nothing else than the discovery of the obvious.


Do you realize you could've been killed?

I usually don't like sweet things, but I will try one of your cookies.

I persuaded him that he was wrong.


At Narita Airport, I ran into an old friend of mine.

Their team's name is NWO.

Whose turn is it to make the coffee?


That's very inconsiderate.

I don't know why we have to stop.

How did he find us?

I also like cakes.

The bomb blew Ssi's car to smithereens.

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Give me a hammer.

Give us some room here.

I took Emmett to my favorite restaurant in Boston.

They watched the solemn ceremony in the church with awe.

It is a pity that the singer died so young.


Josip used to spend summers here.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

I'm traveling light.

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I have three friends that often drop by on Saturdays.

I told them what I saw.

Knute grabbed his keys.

Do you have fresh strawberries?

He had something of the hero in his nature.

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Mann could tell Spencer was interested.


There isn't a moment to spare.

You haven't asked me anything.

Was it by accident or by design?

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I wonder if you'd like to go out with me this Sunday.


While there's life, there's hope.

As the Moon moves eastward away from the Sun in the sky, we see a bit more of the sunlit side of the Moon each night.

How can you endure such cold?

Some members of Jurevis's society think that he is actually a stoat posing as a human. They are wrong, since this is scientifically impossible.

He must be stopped at all costs.

Leo said he wanted to talk to me.

Is the road open?

What can I tell her?

I tried to write down everything he said.

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Are you a locavore?

Thank you for this report.

I haven't done that!

Do you want to continue living like this?

That would've saved a lot of aggravation.

Venus is also known as the Morning Star.

How old is Laurie?


It's not safe to split up.


You don't look like a priest.

We can't afford another failure.

"Why can't you be more like me?" "I don't want to be like you!"

I wish he were here.

Kaj has some matters to take care of.

The court ordered him to pay the fine.

Mr Smith said, "There's no need for the marines."

We want to talk to them.

I live next to Raja.

I shouldn't have trusted Masanobu.

We all had a great time.


Get Mike over here right away.

If you dress like that at your age, you'll make a fool of yourself.

Everyone liked Michiel.


I must reject your request.

It's no use arguing with him.

I don't want to go outside.


The new school is of simple and modern construction.

He hailed a cruising taxi.

I told you I already have a girlfriend.

She is a tender girl of questionable morals.

Sigurd and Pilot don't talk to each other.

It's too late for him.

Craig used to walk to work.

He tried with all his might to stretch the bow and shoot the arrow as far as possible.

Would you mind telling me where you got this?

Hello, could you tell me where a telephone box is?

Jwahar put the plate of sandwiches on the table in front of Kevan.

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Would you please help me with this?

You wash the dishes, Ben.

Gunter was worn out.

Let's arm wrestle.

Can I have seconds?

Young people have shown a lot of improvement in physical stature.

Ian will be scolded by his father.


Which floor do you live on?

I must make a call.

Where were Suyog's parents at that time?

I want you to send this parcel at once.

Sid didn't sound very optimistic.

Even so ... she didn't have to slap me!

I practice the piano when I'm bored.

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Why don't you hire a private detective?

He has little money with him.

I'm not here.

Everyone must go home.

He also brought out one more dubious conclusion.

This is my third time to come here.

The color went beautifully with her hair.

Won't you join our conversation?

On July 1, 2013, Croatian became the twenty-fourth official language of the European Union.

I gave her a present in return for her kindness.

Svante has been accused of theft.

Post this card without fail.

People often spill their guts to bartenders.

Were you ever in Kairo?

She works as a massage therapist.

Did Dani mean that?

Columbus argued that he could reach India by going west.

Always do your best.

I want to go horseback riding.


I know I haven't lived the model life.

I figured Pamela would be here.

We're flexible.

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You seem weirder than usual.

Do you have a double room?

We found it impossible to persuade him.


Children are really looking forward to summer vacation.


Our school prohibits us from going to the movies alone.

If you keep on like this, you'll probably live to reach 120!

I don't think that there is any better way to learn English than by living in America.


Let's see what you have there.

If you see Piotr, don't forget to ask him how his wife's doing.

Pay attention to your surroundings.


I cannot run faster than he.

She jumped into her car.

Please give it a try.

Gregg, if there's a problem, I want to hear about it.

I have little more than 5 dollars.


That's extremely surprising.


My parents never punished me for anything I did.


Maybe we can talk to him.

The hero died at the end of the book.

Dani really fooled us.


I met Johan when I was working in Boston.

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I used to like walking in the rain when I was a child.

Which is longer, a single bond or a double bond?

We can understand everything she's saying.


We go to the market.


Pradeep is gesticulating.


Canada, too, began to prepare for war.

She waited for her boyfriend at the station.

I just want to find Shirley.

The teacher scolded her class for being noisy.

Let's make a phone call.

This is wildly optimistic.

Do you mind if I smoke here?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to step on you.

Would it have made any difference if I had been there?

Clouds formed in the sky.

Enough arguing!

If he's late, it's OK to start the meeting without him.

The snow will melt when the sun comes out.

I want to serve my country.

The show was pleasing to the audience.

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Tony acted like he didn't know me.

She's a real character.

The party was well along when I came.


We've got a big job to do.

She took some meat from the plate.

I hugged her.

Even now, Ramon remembers Dewey's bitter words.

I was just a kid then.