• Time until our wedding::
    66 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, 1 hour, 55 minutes, 56 seconds ago
  • As Everyone are all over the place, we decided to have 2 engagement parties.

    The first was down Brissy way and was a combined engagement / farewell for Kylie.

    Engagement Party


    We had a lot of fun shooting the photos for our Save the Date cards…

    30 March 2013

    Once the ring arrived and i phone Glen to ask permission, i just couldn’t hold off any longer.

    We went for a walk along the river in Mackay, walking off lunch before dinner as a cover, and after ditching parents to have some alone time, the deed was done.

    When trying to decide what the relationship was, I decided that “Under Contract – Pending Inspection” fitted well, but Facebook wouldn’t allow that as a relationship status. The inspection happened 3rd-5th August 2012 and was an amazing weekend. The official start to a beautiful relationship.