In the distance can be heard voices, the slamming of shutters, and the barking of dogs.

She is anxious for a gift.

He died from a wound in the chest after a week.

Get out if you can.

Today I went and ate lunch at a restaurant.

We couldn't stop them.

She handed me the basket and suggested I wait until I got home to open it, in case anyone was watching.

He was born into a noble family.

She gave him a book.

Tell Tony the rest of the news.

He is what we call a musical genius.


As is said in the Internet, dad, only someone not fortunate enough to have seen My Little Pony, doesn't like it!

We'll do as you say.

I don't understand you sometimes.

He scratched his balls.

I'll make this easy for you.

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I have to stay at a hotel near the airport tonight.


I appreciate what you did yesterday.

I didn't want to wait for anything.

Rafael knows the situation better than I do.


He mixed sugar with milk.

I am gay.

He tried to put the blame on me.


I don't work that much!

She speaks Russian.

This summer's day will be over all too soon!


She does talk a lot.


Does Shakil know that you don't know how to speak French?

I'm sure this is a misunderstanding.

Murthy is outgoing, isn't he?

Douglas was very impressive.

Lori took off his uniform.


I'd like to have an intra-uterine device.


We can discuss this later.

Helge is having financial problems.

"Please, sit down," he said.

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Oh my God, I so hate this movie!

Many foreigners come to Japan to work.

I'm not making faces at them...


The look on his face was next door to hatred.

I hope Stacy comes as well.

Ric lives across the street from Liyuan.

I came back early.

Dana felt obligated to help.


I don't care what the regulations say.

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I'm not in a mood to eat right now.


It's gone out of style.

You grabbed my ass!

Brandi barged into Jacobson's office with a gun in his hand.


When the hour for departure drew near the old mother went to her bedroom, and taking a small knife she cut her fingers till they bled; then she held a white rag under them, and letting three drops of blood fall into it, she gave it to her daughter, and said: "Dear child, take great care of this rag: it may be of use to you on the journey."

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Mine is black.


It moved me to tears.


Violence isn't necessarily the best thing, but sometimes it's a solution.


He still thinks we're friends.

The war on drugs is a political war.

The party was fun.

Francisco didn't suffer, did he?

Dan eventually confessed that he got the gun from Linda.

He has no right to meddle in our family's problems.

I'll sweep the floor while you wash the dishes.


Mike was surprised how well Johan could play the piano.

Rupert changed into his swimsuit.

Hienz sang Kristian's favorite song for her.

He was the only boy who solved the problem.

"How did you come up with that number?" "I don't know. I just made it up."

I can't believe I'm here again.

Follow my white plume!

The audience was excited at the game.

It's been ages.

The ship is sailing to the west.

I told Nicholas I was just joking.

She is not in the least surprised.

Paul had nothing to do with any of that.


I spend my time looking out of the window when I should be working.

Ivan is beardless.

The letter will arrive in a week or so.


You are so wrong it hurts.

Go fix the hot-water bottle.

Japan is surpassing China in economic power.

It is a pity that he can not marry her.

To avoid interest charges, Lois pays his credit card in full every month.

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Problem-solving and decision-making skills are essential in a managerial position.

How is that even possible?

Shouldn't somebody be guarding the prisoner?


We're celebrating.


The divers found a wreck on the sea-bed.

Turn up the radio a little bit.

Jeremy has a decent salary.


You like to chop wood.

I don't consider this to be important.

All of the men were dressed similarly to Shamim.

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Do I have to tell you how to do everything?

Please give me a hand with my homework.

It's strawberry season.


I had a blackout.


Silence often implies resistance.

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Did you hear about the fire yesterday?


I'm sorry, Ernst, I didn't mean that to sound like a complaint.

We have the same problem.

Keep him from eating too much.


Just the gesture is enough, thank you.

The four books already mentioned, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are altogether anecdotal.

You're a philosopher, aren't you?

The new product will not be distributed through conventional channels.

It's hard for me to balance my check book.

Did you see any pigeons?

You must not do it now.


According to Skip's doctors, his condition is incurable.

It's getting dark outside.

You can stay here as long as you keep quiet.

And this is true after all: no matter how good it was there, when such a good remains unchanged for the lifetime, it easily stops being good.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

This clock seems to be broken.

I don't want to go without you, Sandy.

Do you see that building over there?

I'll do no such thing.


It's old and clunky.


She's in desperate need of money.

Why are you so nice to everyone?

Take a deep breath, please.

You took an airplane from Paris to New York.

He made his parents happy.

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My father never came back home before 9 or 10.

Hey, where've you been?

I have serious doubts.


I'll help you.

Celia stumbled over something on the ground.

"We have to tell Sanjib about that now." "That's not an option."

Naoko swims.

He amused the children by singing.

Too lengthy. One can cook coffee during that time.

Irwin won't get involved.

A humble-looking old man was presented to the king.

The child recovered from his cold.

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Both brothers are musicians.

Here's $5.

Why are you and Miles fighting?

What did she say?

Vaughn doesn't want to wait for anything.

It's about time for the train to arrive.

You must teach me how to do that.

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He'd been in Kyoto twice.

They came up with a plan after a long discussion.

Doesn't Milner want anything to eat?

She comes from the north.

A text in Esperanto is written phonetically using an alphabet of 28 letters.


We're going to send Tracey home.

I don't want you to know my real name.

I sometimes watch documentaries.

I've lost my filling.

The accusative indicates directionality, that is, movement towards a certain place.

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There is nothing in this world that I am afraid of.


Micky doesn't like carrots.

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My son is taller than I am.

We have plenty to think about.

She turned down his advances.