You two make a nice couple.

Dan had a rocky relationship with Linda.


The teacher made all of his female students fall in love with him.


She loves the child as if it were her own.

Is the customer always right?

Would you like some more cookies?


Keep the toilet clean.


The Seattle-based outfit plays indie rock and electronic music.

We're looking for them.

I don't buy a lot of candy.

You must try.

Let them go home.


Ernie and Marc met with John.

Your suitcase looks exactly like mine.

Don't you have an interesting face?

Their boat is adrift.

Take care of her.

We'll meet her tomorrow at the station.

Stephe jumped out of his bedroom window.

Forgive me for being late.

We probably won't need to do that again.

We loaded a lot of luggage into the car.

Put the seat back.

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Walking in the sand is difficult.

Lindsey works illegally in the U.S.

I don't care for imitation.

I need to buy new skis.

For me it was a question of life or death.

Form is emptiness; emptiness is form.

I've learnt something from this book.

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Gene peeked out the window to see if it was safe to leave.

It's a perfect example of cruel fate.

We tried to do something about it.

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I'm sorry that I wasn't home when you so kindly dropped by.

I guess I'll have to leave now.

A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of communism.

She ran up to me, her hair flying in the wind.

Don't read books in a dark place.


Martin believed that Julie worked at hospital.

Devon seems to never know exactly what he's supposed to be doing.

The speaker sometimes referred to his notes.

This can't be the way to do it.

Nowadays you no longer hear popular songs that can be sung by men and women of all ages.

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Arrogance leads to a person's downfall.

You've made quite an impression.

Jenine stopped by my house.

If I lost my key, I wouldn't be able to lock the door.

Would you mind waiting another ten minutes?

Dan said he doesn't work on Mondays.

You've known Marlena a lot longer than I have.


I don't know how she got my phone number.

Eddie is coming over tomorrow.

The coffin was empty.

He sat in Zen meditation.

What's with that mismatched dress?

Randolph married an older woman.

Do you work?

Why are you wearing that scarf?

Chemical vapors can make you really sick.

I want to take you with me.

Remember to post the letter.


I seriously doubt that.

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He dropped his wallet, and now it's mine.

I didn't get an invitation.

I share everything with her.

He was a hero of the war of 1812 against Britain.

Never give up hope.


He has three daughters; one is married, but the others aren't.

The old couple gave up their son for lost.

Here's to you!

That sounded a little desperate.

I really agree with you.

He refuses to listen to his mother.

She indicated her reasons to us.

He packed his lunch in a paper bag.

She is unable to withstand the pressure.

He was not wearing a warm coat.

Santa, I would like a girlfriend for my Christmas present.

Omar has already eaten lunch.

They don't allow us to go to disco.

Believe me when I tell you that I don't love you.

One who steals a hook (for his girdle) is put to death for it: another who steals a state becomes its prince.

The company gained more customers.

I suppose I should be flattered.

Moe asked me to help him out.

You need to hear this.

The big nations should not interfere with the smaller nations.

The apartment has both a storage room and a balcony.

There is no advantage in staying here.

I worked hard last month.

Roy wasn't his usual self today.

I wanted to apologize to her.

Did you notice any change?

I was married for three years.

Guido is a good surgeon.

Only the blackest of hearts could leave that poor kitty out on the street in the cold.

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It's about time we had some warm weather.

You have to look at me.

Her help was just what the doctor ordered.


Excuse us for a second.

The cat is very beautiful.

I heard screaming.

It's so hot that you could cook an egg on the hood of a car.

English is not my mother tongue, either!

Make sure all the boxes are well sealed before they're delivered.

Why do you not want to tell him about her?

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Kumiko is as tall as Tai.

I will accept your decision, whatever it will be.

Denis kept coughing.


They slept in separate rooms until they were married.

Fletcher was warned not to bully Barrio again.

They're quite sharp.


Mac watched carefully.

I love being taken care of.

Is this the right thing to do?

The meeting will be held this afternoon.

I've tried, but without success.

You should never have let Julianto do that.

She is a kind girl.

I don't want to pay through the nose for a hotel room.

The chances are very good that our team will win.


Popularity has nothing to do with it.

He consented on the spot.

The gust of wind rose suddenly.


She's spending too much time on the computer.

Were you happy with the results?

Sanford realized that Nathaniel must be seeing someone else.

Don't think twice about it, Bryce.

I'm furious at you, Michiel.

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You say you love me, but you've got a funny way of showing it.


It frosted last night.

I'm not going to complain.

That's all I've been able to find out so far.


Please give me your answer by return.


Malcolm is scared of that dog.

Full speed ahead!

Just get your stuff together.


Make an effort.

A new law is expected to cut air pollution by 60%.

He succeeded to his father's estate.

You need immediate medical attention.

Santa went into his room and slammed the door.

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It's for them.

Dan told Linda that he had a lot of money.

Browsing long enough through eBay, you're sure to find something that you never knew you wanted.


They came in one after another.


You did nothing else?

David deserves it.

Why were you looking for us?

Meg agreed to Ken's plan.

Who'd want to hurt Murat?

Were you working last year?

I want a pen pal.

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Elaine ignored the warning.

The policemen are driving the demonstrators away.

Tao sat next to Alejandro at the piano.

She has a bit of a bad temper.

I've heard no complaints from Kelvin.


He is from another world.

The man on the bench was obviously dead.

On Monday, I'm going to visit my sister in Boston.

For a book to sell well, there needs to be a pretty girl on the cover, and the book will sell all the better, the less cover there is on the pretty girl.

He was about to explode, but checked himself.

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Who can blame you?

We'll take care of ourselves.

Getting a sports car is easy, compared to the maintenance one must do on it.

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It was a big explosion.