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Araria, a town and municipality, is the administrative headquarters of Araria district in the state of Bihar, India. Araria district is one of the 38 districts of Bihar. This district of north-eastern Bihar is one of the most backward districts of Bihar, stands at the bottom of the 90 minority concentration districts. Forbesganj is a city in the district of Araria.It has a prestigious past but today, is enshrouded in the midst of uncertainties. Many stories have been widespread about it. Angas are believed to be the earliest inhabitants of the region.They are believed to have inhabited the area, west of the river Koshi. During the Mauryan period this area formed the part of the Mauryan Empire and in the later times, the region formed the part of Gupta Dynasty.During the British period, the region came under the control of East India Company. It is said that where Mr. Forbe's Bungalow was located, was called “Residential Area” which local people used to call as “R. Area”. Over a period of time, R. Area acquired the pronunciation “Araria” and so gave the name “Forbesganj” Araria.

Borders of Araria are surrounded by Nepal in northern side, Kishanganj in eastern side and Supaul at western side. The district came into existence by division of Purnia district on Makar-Sankranti day of 1990. The district border is adjacent to border of Nepal, so the district is important in terms of security. Jogbani is the last point of Araria and after that "Virat Nagar" district of Nepal starts. For transportation, both train and road transport is available. Araria contains two bus terminals. Buses for most of the districts, are available for internal blocks too. Train facility is now in the form of broad gauge track. This track ends one side to the Katihar, which is a big and important junction from where trains to all over India are available, other end of track is Jogbani, the last point of Indian rail.

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Break The Silence

Hereby launching our new project, Break The Silence. Aawaaz uthao. We at Ekk Pahel, are trying to teach every kid, how to identify when and what is wrong. And never, never keep quiet about it. We are going to all the schools of Forbesganj, and the areas around, and trying to help the kids understand that their body belongs to them.
When they try to touch you, when they try to break you, when you see them trying to touch others, when you see them trying to break others, even if they are around your vicinity and you are not comfortable. Do not let them explore you, or implore you. You are your own saviour, but you aren't your own destroyer. Remember, it is never your fault, and they never had the right to do it. Never blame yourself, we are here, right beside you, always to protect you. But before we turn to protect you, you protect yourself and you protect others. Never, never let it go. It is not that normal, and it doesn't happen to everyone. Most importantly, never keep quiet. You speak. We will speak. You tell us who they are. We will not spare them. We will find them, and hunt them down. Know what is wrong and why is it wrong. We are here to save you. Do not fall into it, we will not let you fall into it. World might be a bad, bad place, and we are here to help you find the better part of the world.
Anyone from forbesganj who wants to join us,

Contact : +91-8951906764

Authority of Araria


Shri Himanshu Sharma

– District Magistrate –

E-mail:- dm-araria.bih@nic.in
Contact Number:-06453-222001(office)
Fax Number:-06453-222124


Dhurat Sayli Savlaram

– Superintendent of Police –

E-mail:- sp-araria-bih@nic.in
Contact Number:-06453-222050(office)
Fax Number:-06453-222018

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