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Automated solutions to enhance your trading

We automate and optimize trading strategies of all kinds for stocks, futures, forex, options and CFDs.

Ensure your edge
The human eye can only absorb so much information at once. Test your idea against years of historical data with a custom backtesting script.
Test before going live
Validate your strategy with a "Version 1" backtesting script before having to commit to a full live trading algorithm.
Continued support and maintenance
Receive continued support, maintenance and optimization for a monthly fee that is a fraction of your project cost. We are committed to your profitability with our algorithms.
No strategy is too complicated for us
We have experience turning highly discretionary strategies into automated algorithms and using trading signals such as fibonacci retracements, support & resistance levels, trendlines, triangle patterns, crossovers, lower-high & higher-low breakouts and more in past projects.
Guaranteed confidentiality
Your strategy is your secret. We provide NDAs upon request to assure you that we will not disclose any information or specifics about your strategy to third parties.
Give us your strategy in words
We turn it into code
We test your strategy and provide you with the backtesting script
We add risk management features and optimize
Go Live
We turn your strategy into a live trading algorithm

Continued maintenance and support provided for a small monthly fee

Matt and his team worked diligently to understand my incredibly complex strategy and translate it into code for a backtesting and live algorithm. They did an amazing job. The biggest benefit I see to working with Matt is his trading background and experience. Most developers I have worked with have never even seen a trading terminal. Happy with the work so far and will call Matt next time I have another trading strategy to code up.

Equities trader from Chicago

Pictured above: before (top) and after (bottom) backtests following some of our performance tweaks, executed via QuantConnect's Lean Engine

I had the great pleasure of working with Matthew and his team recently on a project designing an automatic trading algo to trade based upon inflection numbers. At all times Matt's communication was exemplary and his talent for explaining complicated things in an easy to understand, no BS way - made this entire process run so much more smoothly than it might have with others. He worked diligently and exceeded all expected time frame targets for completion. I trust him and his team completely and am looking forward to continuing to work with them on many future endeavours. I do not hesitate to recommend him in the strongest possible terms.

Futures trader from London

Mike's algorithm in action on Metatrader 5. A downloadable version is available for purchase 6142370320

Matthew is highly knowledgeable in his work and took the time to thoroughly understand what I was looking for before starting on my project. He was responsive in his communication, updating me every step of the way and providing me with a product I am more than satisfied with. Thanks to his efforts, I now have a list of filtered stocks and data delivered to my inbox several times a day that I can use for my market analysis.

Equities trader from the US

Daily price report delivered via email

How It Works

We can turn any trading strategy into code for backtesting and live trading. Here's how it works:

If results demonstrate viability, turn the algo into a live trading robot!

We will work closely with you to ensure a statistical edge in your strategy and build you a live-trading algorithm that suits your risk tolerance and trading style.