Dedicated to the search of one of the most stylish cars of the early 21st century, when we can still use petrol, and engines can be naturally aspirated v8’s or v12’s

The Aston Martin Vantage.


There is not lots of information on the internet for the Vantage, like other cars, this may be due to the current owners are not performing the maintenance on the cars themselves, but they are starting to appear.

  • Redpants – A resource with very good diy videos and writeups, site owner Richard Seidlitz has two vantages, and is passionate about the vehicles.
  • AMOC – Aston martin owners club – the official owners club for all Aston Martin cars.


Just a normal guy that wants a Aston Martin Vantage for himself to add to a small collection.  Passionate about cars, but disorganised, so putting this site together so I can collate my thoughts, and remember information about the Vantage.



Soon there will be a way to get in touch with us, until then please keep checking back to the website.