Have you learned about
the death of a friend
too late?
Never miss out on important news again
LifeLinker provides a trusted way for people to learn of the passing of those they care about and, in turn, to share the news of their own eventual passing with family, friends and others they wish to tell.

What is LifeLinker?

Have you ever found out about the death of a friend, but too late to be a part of the funeral service?

LifeLinker provides a way for you to keep in contact, and to share important news when it happens.

LifeLinker celebrates life, not just its passing. It helps you share life’s milestones and triumphs as well as its tragedies, and you can selectively control who you wish to share with.

LifeLinker beats the clutter of endless trivial messages from people you barely know, about things you’re not interested in.

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Have you made a list of people you’d like contacted when you eventually pass?

LifeLinker makes this easy to do, and allows you to prepare farewell notes to be sent to people, individually or in groups.

Rather than further stress a loved one with the need to share the sad news of your passing, your own notes, sent by LifeLinker, will take care of this.

LifeLinker gives you a permanent memorial space. Write your own obituary, to be released after your passing, and those your life has touched can add comments via a ‘virtual wake’, adding their own memories and shared experiences, to create a lasting memorial.

Everyone has a story
LifeLinker helps you document yours – the major events, milestones and influences that make you who you are.
Tell your story the way you want, and choose who to share it with. Join now and receive a free lifetime account.

Connecting people when it really matters

LifeLinker is a modern solution for an age-old problem.

The universal discomfort with death has interfered with developing a sympathetic and effective way of sharing the news of a loved one’s passing, of ensuring that everyone the person touched in their life gets to know about it, in a timely and appropriate manner.

Our more mobile population, and the diminished role of newspapers, mean the traditional death notice no longer works. But crassly publishing a note on Facebook shouldn't be what we’re now forced to do.

Lifelinker gives you control over what you choose to say, and who you choose to say it to. You can choose who you want to be connected to and who you give updates to and get updates from.

Lifelinker is your modern solution to our shared old fashioned problem. Try it now – for free – and discover how it gives you a new way of keeping in touch – in life and in death – with your groupings of close and distant friends, family, and other acquaintances.

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LifeLinker provides a trusted way for you to learn of the passing of those you care about and, in turn, to share the news of your own eventual passing with family, friends and others you wish to tell.