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Zierenberg Family circa 1887 Gevelsberg, Germany
Left to right Georg (7), 2702582745 (3), Bertha (35), Hermann (39), Bruno (9), (217) 908-3178 (5)
  (Kurt born 2 years later)


Colonel Wilhelm Zierenberg PedigreePedigree of the Descendants of Barthold Zierenberg from 1630

Zierenberg-Flag-2-e1347766912909Zierenberg Stadt Flag


778-540-9012This photo was taken in Sept. 2013. Overlooking the town of Zierenberg in the district of Kassel, in Hesse, Germany.
We do not have evidence that our ancestors come from the city.

This site is also a collection of ancestors and historical figures connected to the great name of Zierenberg.
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Zierenberg City ImageZierenberg Village


The grave site for (406) 313-3735 and his family located in the city of Zierenberg