Fair words butter no parsnips.

This is the real world.

Around half of middle-school students in Japan have mobile phones, but if you look at those in high school then 97% have them.

Volleyball is a lot of fun.

Troy did what they told him to do.

We have to do the best we can.

Should we get going?

If a sentence doesn't yet have audio, it's because nobody has recorded one for us.

We've got to do the right thing.

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I know of him, but I don't know him personally.

Bomb-making criminals frequently have the motive of wanting public attention.

I don't know where I should go.

I arrived in Boston at 2:30.

Mongo always has headphones glued to his ears.

There were three people waiting in front me.

What do you think of our website?


Please tell me Barney is joking.

I am a lucky budgie, aren't I?

This is something that's never been done before.


I'm sure Matthieu wouldn't want you to catch cold.

This room is not suitable for sleeping.

The workers went on strike.

The plan is to buy half a million dollars worth of shares.

She wore a dress with a boned bodice.

I'm sure that was her.

We both won.

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The spaceship made a perfect landing.


Though he is rich, he is unkind.

Thierry always seems to be unhappy about something.

I wanted to know the truth.


Thank you for the delicious dessert. It complemented the dinner perfectly.

Celeste doesn't share your enthusiasm.

I won't be in time for the meeting.

The nurse used a sphygmomanometer to check my blood pressure.

The translation will be ready by the end of the month.

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The teacher said that you need to master the subject.

"Why didn't I think of that?" "Because you're an idiot."

I advised her to catch a morning train.

Daddy's working.

You should come work for me.


Danielle stopped his car and got out.

I think I know what the problem is.

Three weeks went by with no sign of Eli.

You're still my son.

Are you sure that's wise?


I put up a notice.

She has a strong bias against abstract painting.

The soldiers stopped at every farm and village.

I've got a visual on a hostile.

You scored the highest in the class.


What just happened won't happen again.

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I forgot our anniversary.


My computer behavior's surprises me.


Do you know why I was in prison?


Sweet revenge.


Let's face facts.

It's hard to tell her anything.

There is a man at the door who wants to see you.

I had a glimpse of a UFO in the night sky.

I can do magic.

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I learned it from you.


When were you in Australia?

He is a man of character.

We're very, very hungry.

As the night wore on and Seymour drank more and more, his jokes got progressively smuttier.

Between you and me, I don't like our new team captain.

You can't help it, can you?

I explained the accident to him.

I'm taking him to the hospital.

Should we force it upon you?


So what exactly are we talking about here, Lord?

We often play chess.

Joyce isn't Randell's brother. He's her cousin.

I don't know how to help Mwa and it's tearing me up inside!

Everyone shouted for joy when they heard the news.

Paul is so pleasant a person that everybody likes him at once.

We actually didn't see the accident.


Vidhyanath's strong character enabled him to avoid the common pitfalls of success and fame.

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Letters were carried by riders on fast horses.

He bought a double-barreled shotgun.

Ken made Ned an offer he couldn't refuse.

I should go pack.

I wrote a letter in English.

I'm good to go now.

Dawson is your boyfriend, isn't he?

Russia is facing great financial difficulties.

I won't take very long.

Rolfe needs two tickets to Boston.

The Chicxulub crater in Mexico may have been created by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

I am going to a distant place, you don't want to ask where.

It is strange that you should know that.

You cannot chase a bullet.

The farm is built at the bottom of the hill.


I met him quite unexpectedly.

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I'm not going to argue with you.

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I don't think I'll ever get used to this.

It's dangerous to climb mountains during a storm.

Rogue has a gun.

I saw somebody kiss him.

Dan revealed he was a white supremacist.

"Worry not, comrade, for I have a plan!" - "That worries me..."

The cat waited in front of the mousehole for over ten minutes.


I already miss them.

She was a bit late.

The sign said "Slippery when wet."

I got that from them.

Are you going to be able to help Rodger?

It's doubtful that anything will grow here.

Newton became interested in mathematics after buying a book at a fair and not understanding the math concepts it contained.

Stephen thinks I should retire.

I want to marry Part.


I just can't stand Leigh.

I was concerned.

I lit the candles.

The wind has gotten stronger.

I knitted a sweater for him.

What I can't bear is the sound of chalk squeaking on a chalkboard.

She is amusing to be with.

Sheila and I are both very happy.

That's a reasonable assumption.


He sits in comfort and reads rapidly.

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Amos pulled something out of his pocket and put it on his desk.

Is anyone else going?

This movie is rated PG-13.

How do you go to school?

I helped an old hunchback cross the street.

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They give out their reactionary cosmopolitanism as "internationalism", they try to cover up their fight against peace and democracy by pacifist and pseudo-democratic phrases.

I made Erwin laugh today.

Terry is thin, isn't he?

What shall we do afterwards?

We like to observe birds.

Earnie grumbled.

Making model planes is his only hobby.


He noted that the problem must be handled carefully.

We recommend cutting off all further contact with the rebels.

I'm going to America this summer.

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Fay is giving Valerie a tour of our factory.

Guys that handsome are few and far between.

There's no problem whatsoever.

Which car is theirs?

We're on a tight schedule today.

This plan is good in some ways.

You don't use it, do you?

He disagrees with his relatives.

Did you speak to her today?

He doesn't care a bit about me.

I want to eat some Korean food that isn't hot and spicy.

I'm supposed to see him.

You have really good handwriting.


I was hoping I'd see him again.

You don't want to know what I know.

She changed her schedule to match his.

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Mike sounded irritated.

It'll probably rain this afternoon.

I invited Piotr to dinner tonight.

That's not such a good idea.

You are to start at once.

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He had been working in the factory for three years when the accident occurred.

What is Saoirse doing?

His mother was a poor peasant woman, too poor even to think of such a thing as buying skates for her little ones.

Fletcher poured himself another glass.

They're after you.


Spike hid the stolen guitar under his bed.

Get me my glasses.

There is a hole in his sock.