Enterprise Managed
File Transfer.

Best of breed open-source technologies to address your file management needs.

Manage and distribute files in multiple formats to teams in a safe effective and secure way

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Get started

Flexible setup

Run on-premises or on the
AWS cloud

web service

Pay as you go model- stop
guessing on usage


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Transfer files throughDesktop Client

Capabilities image

Integrated User provisioning

Capabilities image

Reporting dashboard for (618) 745-0249 and User


Run on multiple devices

Ability to store Data in AWS Cloud

Leverage non-repudiation protocols for
guaranteeing delivery and confirmation


Ability to secure data at rest

All data in transit is secured by SSL

Automatically scan for
viruses in near real-time


Support for HIPAA, SOX
and PCI-DSS compliance


Integrate your custom needs
to the workflow