Bill won the match, not so much by good luck as by real ability.

Panzer was busy.

Elul is the last month in the Hebrew calendar.

Your windshield wipers need to be replaced.


There were no temples or shrines among us save those of nature.

The law does not accept confession under torture.

The bus will arrive shortly. Please wait a bit.


I wish I could be more like Miles.

She has more money than brains.

They knew how much danger they'd be in.

These are the clothes that Hilda gave me.

The last Tasmanian wolf died in 1936.

You accept the money he gives you.

It was supposed to be quiet here.

He's writing his diary.

I thought I'd know when the time was right.


What kind of things do you like to do?

"Why did Bobbie do that?" "Do what?"

Have you talked to Wilson about it?


The environment was the focus of student council activities.

Elliot slumped into a chair, exhausted.

Are you a member of this society?

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Josh sat at the end of the bar, nursing a beer.

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We have to be fair here.

For a long time, there were wounded trees upon the battle-ground; and scraps of hacked and broken fence and wall, where deadly struggles had been made; and trampled parts where not a leaf or blade would grow.

Monty spent all her free time last week answering birthday greetings.

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I was out of the room.


I hate the guy next door.

His illness comes of drinking too much.

I forgave his mistake.

Ann chose to ignore Izchak's remarks.

I think Travis is a good leader.

Is that your final decision?

I am a foreigner.


Draw a line here.


Ima is never coming back. He's dead.

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I want the same dictionary as you have.

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My father makes it a rule to get up at six, even in winter.

Where do you want us to go?

Please tell Ethan to hurry up.

I'm going to have to cut this short.

Rasputin had the whole Russian court under his spell.

Let's move on to the next item on the agenda.

I didn't have enough money to go.

We dance together.

You hurt me.

Have they made progress?

The last person I told my idea to thought I was nuts.


You sign here, please.

The number of visitors to Singapore has increased year by year.

Weather changes often.

If I knew it, I would tell you.

Truth is a goal, not a destination.

Don't talk about me.

Shai often lets me use his car.

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We hope you'll enjoy your stay.

I was so nervous that she would catch sight of me.

Let's forget that.

Nanda paid the bill and left the restaurant.

What do we eat tonight?

Are they going to fight?

We can't trust Kenton with something like this.

I doubt if it'll rain.

All agencies should use modern technology to inform citizens about what is known and done by their Government.

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The rain necessitated a postponement of the picnic.


He had said nothing during the debate.

We finally decided to give him over to the police.

Part was given full custody of the children.

Having, as you know, sleep problems, I woke up 3 times last night. So, this morning I was very sleepy.

You said your boss was a nice guy.


Pandora is a Native American.

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How did dinner go yesterday?

I love your sense of humor.

She picked up a stone.

I didn't trust her at first.

Because of her physical disability Malaclypse now uses a walking stick when she has to go outdoors.

Beverly treated Trey like a maid.

Michiel ordered a strawberry shake.

This firm ranks second in the oil trade.

We've made some changes.


Amedeo is an art dealer.

Do I have to go right now?

Laurie doesn't care whether Jimmy stays or goes.


I thought about telling Terrance about what happened.

Well, you were right.

You can't tell her what to do.

Gary looks awkward.

They say housework won't kill you, but why take the risk?

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I studied French all afternoon.


Margaret didn't sleep a wink last night.

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Cindy regrets that there are so few photos of his childhood.

The army forced him to resign.

Eight plus two is ten.

Sid was supposed to arrive here yesterday.

He ate a goat cheese burger.

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I've got to get him home.

They relaxed in front of the fire.

I'm really quite busy, you know.


I am remembering their addresses.


Is that Jeannie's voice?

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I love that you love me.

Would you give Teruyuki a message, please?

The boys' room is on the right, and the girls' room is on the left.

I'll send you a text.

My house is a little way from the street.

My parents hate him.

Pria disappeared into the crowd.

I met nobody on my way home.

How long have you been teaching English?

Even if everything else is considered, I still don't like this plan.

Did you actually see Brandy do what the police say he did?

The boy has a horse.

Randolph assumed that the bunch of flowers left on her desk were from Ahmet.

It wouldn't be any fun.

He went blind from the accident.

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She doesn't look like her mom.


Marsha goes jogging every day after work.

I didn't murder anyone.

How much longer do we have to stay here?

That's totally awesome.

How old is Uri now?


He that will steal an egg will steal an ox.

I'm going to take some pictures.

This is a good hiding place.

Don't tell anybody about the matter.

I still want to marry him.

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"Your full name, please." "Will Miller."


Murph and Laurence recognized themselves in each other.

Finally it's here.

He is to come to my house tonight.

I swear this is what I do every morning.

Lend me a tool set please.

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I know what's involved.

This team is trained by a good coach.

What did you get from me?

I have the blues today.

Seika came into the room pushing a small cart with a pot and a tea set resting on it.

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I'm 45 years old.


Laurie was arrested, too.

You're the one that I was looking for.

This photo was the last time we were together.


I was a fool to believe any of it.


Daryl is being tried for murder.


I don't have it.

Is Andre for real?

Narendra went for three weeks without shaving before his wife complained.

The police suspected that Manolis was a drug dealer.

He plays the drum.

Here is a little mudpond.

I'm not going to reveal their secrets.

Naresh threw his game.

The sea level is rising.

It's time for a vote.

She helped her younger brother finish his picture.

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I felt the richer for having read the book.

If you'd asked me, I'd have told you.

I am an earthquake.

Age is not a barrier to stupidity.

Agatha crushed the box.

He was laughed at by everybody.

What do I have to do this time?