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#287: I Want My Two Dollars!

Today Charles mines Joe’s experience on how to handle deadbeat clients – those customers that seem happy with the product, but just won’t pay. We talk about how to avoid these sorts of clients to begin with, and steps to take once you have a client in your debt. Joe briefly indulges Charles’ revenge fantasies, but ultimately counsels him to responsible behavior. bimasty

#286: Castles on Sand


Today we talk about Charles’ decision to remove his last app from the App Store. We talk about the background of the decision, the change that made him finally remove the app, and what’s next now that he’s out of the App Store. Gatha

bridle bridge


Today we talk about ways to build up enough of a financial “runway” to allow your new business to take off. We talk about ways that both Charles and Joe have used to support our new businesses; Charles’ current strategy of cannibalizing one business to build another; and newer options like Tiny Seed, a newly announced startup accelerator for bootstrapped businesses. Continue reading


Joe is joined again today by Ariel Michaeli of Appfigures. They talk about making it easy to consume complex data, tracking the financial performance of subscription-based apps, and Appfigures’ soft-launch strategy for their new product Explorer. (610) 321-4466

(603) 966-6511


Charles is out sick today, so Joe is joined by Ariel Michaeli of Appfigures. Joe and Ariel talk about how Appfigures got started in the mobile developer financial data space, how Appfigures addresses its customers’ privacy concerns, and Appfigures’ new product “Explorer” which lets Appfigures customers make informed decisions when exploring new markets and new opportunities. 419-886-3352