Do you recognize that guy?

They miss their wives.

Who's driving?

Nor is there any weapon of thought wherewith to defend.

There are two distinct systems of shape-note notation: the four-note "fasola" system, and the seven-note "doremi" system.

"Nguyen, it's said you've lost your hearing aid." "Nope! I don't like Mexican food."

Jelske is Val's brother, not her boyfriend.

This is a picture of the Opera House in Sydney.

Herb said that he loved Gary and always would love her.

It's not for me to say.

I have to get him home.


Don't talk to your mother like that!

Don't intrude on her sorrow.

I'll tell him to stay outside.

That's only natural.

Give me some time to think about it.

Here is a trustworthy human being.

I kind of liked that.


What a cute cat!

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I presented him with a gold watch.

Emily listened to Blaine's story.

We just have to find her.

All the buildings on this block will be demolished.

That's no good! You're tall so you've got to be in the forward defence.

I spoke to Amarth last night.

If you'll just sit still I think I can comb out the knots in your hair.

You said you wanted the truth.

He is a very fussy eater.

He longed for the winter to be over.

Some young Japanese people prefer being single to being married.

Spring is here.

They have few books.


He was elected an official by the inhabitants of this town.

Kimberly did the best he could, but he wasn't able to get a higher grade than Nicolas.

Terry looks more determined than ever.

Nicolas likes to talk.

Would you like to play a game?

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Linda will be safe with me.

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It snows in the south during the winter.

There is a blank space in front of the first letter of this sentence that should be removed.

Jef hasn't been able to come to school because he's in the hospital.

His alibi seemed cast-iron.

Americans could be really provincial.


My name is Klaus and I'm an addict.

That's such a cute cat.

She doesn't want to get in trouble.

My room must be a mess.

There's a risk that he won't come.

Unlike my brother, I cannot swim.

I want you to do whatever you think is right.

I'm trying to stay awake.

He can speak English, and French as well.

There is a crowd of women around Jinchao.

Everyone knows that you hit Vicki.


The man is sick.

We're still in shock.

I knew my dad worked hard.

Can I even do that?

And I saw the new heaven and the new earth.

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Sonja likes surfing.


Give Interlingua a chance because it's easier than French, Spanish, or Portuguese and has more similarities to them.

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I think we can help each other.

It doesn't look like we'll get paid this week.

We eat a fresh, green salad every day.


How do you interpret the poem?

Let's play some video games to kill time.

I know how important Kyle is to you.


Dorothy doesn't smoke anymore.

Liberty consists of being able to make everything as harmless as possible.

I missed this deadline again!

Vinod never called me.

The robot made its way toward him.

Micheal told me that he wanted to buy his mother a pair of slippers.

She makes up in public.

Vladimir was unfaithful.

Beat it, kids!


Put your hands up here and get' em wet.


My head is throbbing because of all the vodka I had last night.

Billy appears to have achieved what he set out to do.

Bilal is taller than Karam.

Let's hope Philip doesn't come.

Pretty soon you will stop thinking of her.

Trent told me that he was tired.

Compassion is entirely absent from his character.

You can sleep late tomorrow morning.

I do not think that she is at home.

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She usually gets up early.

I'm trying to be reasonable.

Don't exceed the speed limit.


Bring your student ID card.

Donnie was at the end of his rope.

Our secret was discovered by the government.

I don't think they allow that.

No should be back by now.

The question is can you do everything we've asked you to do.

It is often said that Japanese universities are difficult to enter, but easy to graduate from.

He is doing fine in school.

He lives beyond his means.

Dalton's not much of a cook, but at least he gives it a go.

She gave him her name and telephone number.


You've reached the bottom.

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I was fascinated with him.

I know some of Randell's friends.

What can you buy at the market?


I'd like to get a view of the ocean.

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You don't have to change.


I've burnt myself.

Correct errors.

I know that it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to convince you that you're wrong.

Erik likes talking about the weather.

I was thinking about our first day in Boston.

From now on, let's eat lunch in the kitchen.

I'm going to take good care of you.

One American scientist, William Keeton, used a very interesting experiment to solve this mystery.

Not a single star is to be seen tonight.

What's your favorite thing to do on weekends?

We need to take that bus.


I don't like to smile unless I have a reason.

She is very pretty, isn't she?

I found it necessary to get a loan.

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This test is important.


I didn't think you even liked Cathryn.

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The two countries differ in religion and culture.

They won't find it.

They stopped to stare at her.

What a long cucumber!

Are your German books good?

How long do you intend to stay here in Brazil?

There were many journalists who praised Ogawa with, "bravo, good show!"


The color doesn't matter to me, just bring me a pen.


Brandon told Mahmoud about last night's ordeal.

Is loud music OK with the neighbors at this hour?

This bamboo is too thin to bear much weight.

We'll find out later.

At the winter festival, Beth received an award for dancing the best.

He is a wise fool, so to speak.

I hear that Nicholas hired you.

How's your job going?

I know where Johan lives.


Kelly has waited for three hours.


It might help if you were the one who told Daren not to do that.

Tell me over dinner.

I'd like to help you get what you need.

"I am thankful to you for giving me a ride up to here." "It's a pleasure."

I can't understand the meaning of this word.

I have two daughters.

Ross and Molly glared at each other.

How many people are on the list now?

We can do this without Glynn's help.

How did you become a police officer?

I know him but he doesn't know me.

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Don't you dare feel sorry for me.

I don't want to start anything I can't finish.

She has always been faithful to her husband.

I didn't know that you cared.

Is there anything that I should not eat?

Arlene thinks martial arts are silly.

The bear is big.

Rex walked into the apartment.

It isn't optional.

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You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.

Conrad finished breakfast before 7:30.

I'm going to take my vacation in September rather than July.

Huashi doesn't want to clean his room.

They asked us for advice.

We can't risk waiting.

He has squandered every opportunity I've given him.