His speech continued for three hours.


Some ships are going out now.

So that Michelangelo might paint certain figures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, so that Shakespeare might write certain speeches and Keats his poems, it seemed to me worthwhile that countless millions should have lived and suffered and died.

What could be the meaning of it?

Ned was especially good at that.

My best friend's sister's boyfriend's cousin knows someone who went to school with Obama.

I also did not call.

Please can we have two cups of tea and one cup of coffee.

I reported to him by means of an SMS that he had to stop his work as soon as possible.

Are you ready for it?

We cannot follow your plan any longer.

He is by nature a very quiet person.


I'll be presenting a paper at a conference.

The Miss Universe contestant tripped on her gown but got up again gracefully and continued down the runway.

Tomas told me that he would help us.

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This should relieve the pain.

Defensive driving can help you avoid accidents.

I want you to return to your seat.

Are you sure you don't want to come inside?

Thanks for making me remember.

The game got more and more exciting.

Go on.

I have to win.

Most people are open books.

He just wants attention.

Those and I split a pitcher of beer.


Thank you God that I'm not a Moskal.

Susumu and only Pilar really knows what happened.

This horse kicks when anyone comes up from behind.


Look what happened.

How would you react?

I'll go get him.

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She tried to go on a diet and lose five kilograms.

To work in medicine, you should have a vocation on it.

Wes has more friends than Mongo.

They had a few drinks and ended up sleeping together.

Nobody wanted to buy a house in my country.

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I have no idea what's happening.

He has a heart of stone.

She introduced me to her father.

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He resented his friend's action.

Learning another language means discovering a new world.

How late can I check in?

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Dominick said he saw a lion yesterday.


My computer crashed and I lost everything.

I want to talk to him first.

What's Francisco doing out there?

Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.

I warned you not to trust her.

Can I ask you some questions?

I hope this is the right one.

I wanted to surprise Christie.

That's when I decided to quit talking.

Vivek isn't as worried as I am.

I am looking forward to seeing you next Sunday.

We are good friends now, but there was a time when we didn't like each other.

I am tired because I had to study for this exam last night.

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Now I feel tired.

Without the sun, life is impossible.

Guillermo didn't seem to be happy with our decision.


This is not going well.

Clearly, that wasn't enough.

You can't even taste the difference.


You should always keep your word.

I still can't tell you why.

The police suspected there was a connection between the abandoned car and the dead body found three miles away.

The probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just; it shall not deter me.

It would've been nice if you'd gotten here earlier.

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He will be a wonderful scholar.

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It looks like we're running out of water.

I think I have a future here.

A hydrophone is a microphone designed to be used underwater.

Elliott turned down the flame.

He would wait for hours for her call.

We have a cat, and we all adore him.

Mum, dad, I've got something to tell you.

She went out of the restaurant.

I don't think of it like that.

I'll give you a ride.

Merat hardly speaks any French.

The play was not well acted.

your request has been denied because you have no valid residential address


Why are you home?

You can't change your horse when crossing a river.

The new novel added greatly to his reputation.

They started walking.

There are controversies and conflicting opinions.

Don't repeat what I've told you.

Happy holidays!


I'm tired of you.

She was able to continue her education through correspondence courses.

We want you to go to Boston next week.

The drawing is faulty.

We drink water.


This egg is fresh.

The answer is clear.

I'm getting good at this.

I'm glad that you came.

Tell them we're looking into it.


The spinning top skidded across the floor.

I have always strived for greatness.

Sally can't paint.

I leave by train soon.

Is Kayvan in the hospital?

We're both witnesses.

You're a dreamer.

What do you say to going to the movies?

Because he is there.


Jun lowered his voice so no one else could hear.


Don't ask for the impossible.


Rebecca woke up around noon.

The Battle of Gettysburg lasted three days.

This is very kind of you.

Did you say you had a fight with Joan?

Julie tried to not let everyone know how much pain he was in.

Taro, go and brush your teeth.

Good night, Dan.

The 10th year of Showa is 1935 in the Western calendar.

I have a callus on the sole of my foot.

He easily gets angry nowadays.

This may have been part of the problem.

This cat is not ours.

Brandi cut his finger on a piece of glass.

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She robbed me blind.

Srikanth is as white as a sheet.

Don't go too far.

It was not one battle, but many.

I want justice.


Martyn beat me at chess.

She comes to school in her car.

Someone liked my picture on Instagram.

I'll call back a bit later.

The officer encouraged his men.

The walls of her room were covered in posters.

This tent is perfect for two people.

We really did try.

So what happened?

I'm supporting you from a distance!

It seems that Taro doesn't have any girlfriends.


It looks like it is going to clear up soon.

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I'm sticking with Pamela.


She asked me to read 5 poems.

I said I want the truth!

I view his error as insignificant.

Irfan will be delighted to hear that.

It's as easy as falling off a log.


Do you think Mick is coming to the party?


If there were no such thing as display in the world, my private opinion is, and I hope you agree with me, that we might get on a great deal better than we do, and might be infinitely more agreeable company than we are.


In case something happens to me, I'd like you to take care of my children.

Miltos knows I'm home.

In the Sailendra dynasty, which arose in the eighth century in central Java, Mahayana Buddhism blossomed, and Buddhist temples like Borobudur were built.


You're gonna be a dead man if you don't do that.

It's clear that Saqib isn't yet persuaded.

I have to know now.

We want to do more than that.

The question was obviously unexpected.

They've sold about three hundred of them already.

It had an effect alien from the one intended.

Tahsin put on a pair of latex gloves.

Why are you so sad?

My mother thinks of everything in terms of money.

Serdar needs your help more than I do.

What do you really think of him?

Let's take a look at this machine.


There were 144 passengers and 6 crew members on board this plane.

Come on everybody.

The hot sun baked the ground dry.