This book is worth reading more than once.

Chuck said you were coming.

I'd prefer not to say.

We chartered a bus.


As long as you're here, you'd better take a bath.

Doing nothing is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual.

Can you help me fix that?

I built ten thousand walls, for you to knock them all down.

You should not talk back like that.

I'm sick of hearing it.

The American news is reporting that Hurricane Irene is as big as Europe, which is a bit of an exaggeration.

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We wish to advise you of the following price reductions.

Venus rotates slowly on its axis in a clockwise direction, which is referred to as a "retrograde" rotation because it is the opposite of the seven other planets.

Thor Heyerdahl gained world fame with his bold ideas and spectacular expeditions.

It seemed like you secretly wanted to do that.

It's my life.


I think you'd better look at this.

Vincent shot at me.

Please show me something cheaper.

Leila still isn't taking us seriously.

Everybody is planning to do something different.

He was rebuked for writing such a rough report.

Write a paragraph on the climate in Provence.

She raised her hand for the bus to stop.

Axel wants to learn boxing, but his mother thinks it's too dangerous.


I know you're busy, but can I talk to you for a minute?

Rathnakumar has a very bad reputation in certain quarters.

Next Monday is a holiday.

I hope that you feel better.

You want it, don't you?

I've done what you've requested.

The rent is too damn high.


"Honey, quick, quick. There's this website called Tatoeba that's auctioning its sentence collection for a cent each! They've even got special offers like buy 100 sentences and get 1 free!" "Ah great! now people collect sentences as a hobby?! What's the world coming to!"

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Owen was arrested in Boston.

She often goes to the movies with him.

Tell her how you're feeling.

I like my coffee with lots of foam on the top.

The bullet penetrated the partition.

Cristina was too stunned to say anything.

I want you to have a copy of this.

We're faithful.

I don't want to talk.

I didn't say I persuaded them.

You're disobedient.

He kept me waiting for a long time.

To the ancient Yogis, the body was seen as a vehicle for the soul, and this is a useful metaphor in the modern context.


It is wrong to aim at fame only.

Her head was grey.

I'm looking for my keys. Have you seen them?


You don't have to do this, you know.

If only you'd thought of that before shooting your big mouth off.

That makes for efficiency.

It's hard to swat a fly with your bare hand.

Do you feel like a drink?

Bell invented the telephone.

That must've been fun.

I'd like to spend my holidays reading history books or classics.

I know you're just trying to help, and I appreciate that.

I wish you could go with her.

The old man sat on the bench with his eyes closed.

What did the businessman say when he invented the zip-fastener?

This work was painted circa 1650.

Either way is fine.

I looked at them.

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We couldn't stop it.

Did that have anything to do with Allan?

I cannot get across this river. It's too deep.

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"Did you know the dead man?" I asked him on the way.

I thought Omar would like to know.

Neal is doing well on the farm.


That wasn't enough.

I just got the word that Sunil will be moving to our Boston office.

Walter didn't write anything.


The typist tried to erase the error.

A tear ran down from that eye.

I'll give you anaesthesia.

I repeat it by way of caution.

Would you put on the air conditioning?

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I had to beg Patricio to ask Rahul out on a date.

Very good advice. I would consider it if it weren't yours.

Life isn't just a destination, it's how you get there.


How cold it is!

Choose what is right, not what is easy.

Elijah resigned.

That's definitely a possibility.

I know how to use this.


The curry fish balls are one dollar each.

I will speak to her about it directly.

I'm sure Trying will turn up.

Morris isn't much younger than we are.

You sounded just like them.


She taught me most of the things I know.

A fire broke out at the inn where they were staying.

She is a woman with a classical education.


It's not deep enough.

Today is a day of mourning for the whole nation.

It was crowded.

I gave her a choice.

Words could not describe it.

You just need to get some sleep.

I hit my head and saw stars.

Ira has a good chance of winning.

He repaired the legs of the table.

Abbott killed Charley.

He saw her video.

It was the only thing to do.

Dorian wanted Naomi to go to the supermarket to buy some milk.

When will we arrive in Tokyo?

I may win if I have luck.

This is much worse.

He needs a raise.

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No one was listening to me.

She's not from here. She was born abroad.

That's downright dangerous.


I'm not afraid now.


I have serious doubts about their plan succeeding.

He has never visited her.

Wendy is a jedi.

Are you going to have dinner here with me?

Major doesn't like baseball very much.


Tell me what else is on the list.


It seems that he believes what he said is right.


I would like it if you didn't tell this story to my mom.


Be yourself; they'll gossip about you anyway.

I just didn't expect you to be here.

I went to a big dinner party last night.

Linda is the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

Spring is here.


When was the last time June came to visit?


I must get back to my office.

Hwa ought to be punished.

When do the guided tours of the president's house take place, and how much do they cost?


Ramanan is hooked up to monitors.

Jimmy turned towards Irvin and gave her two kisses, one on each cheek.

He differs in opinion from her.

I sometimes go to the cinema.

We expect to be busy.

Maybe Hazel will win.

I admired him.

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I've got a reservation.

Srinivasan is angry at me, isn't he?

In 2011, the Administration finalized fuel economy standards for Model Year 2014-2018 for heavy-duty trucks, buses, and vans. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 270 million metric tons and save 530 million barrels of oil.

The light of the lamp glimmered in the fog.

Where on earth did you meet Lui?


I'm not sure Donnie is going to be there.


What are you?

I can't tell you his name, but I can tell you where he lives.

Let's see what happens in the next couple of years.

First of all, I want you to tell me how did you get there.

We're truly worried.

I'm not sure what she meant by that.

Roxie woke with a start.

This is everyone's problem.

Please spend a few minutes thinking about this.

I have a package for her.

See more hereof hereafter.


We'll never get past those sentries.

You know you did the right thing.

I warned little Stan to leave the kerosene heater alone.

Serve the coffee now, please.

I've had this happen before.


Is that your roommate?

I promised I'd tell you the truth.

I always buy a top quality product even if it is slightly more expensive.

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There are many pictures of him on Facebook visiting places in Turkey.

Chip put his bedroom in order.

That Schubert sonata sounds really familiar to me.