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Upper Floor Tea Party Served With Submissive Pussy

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When The Upper Floor holds a tea party for the local BDSM community, you can be sure that they are serving up something hot! In this full bondage movie which was shot and streamed in real time, a group of new submissive girls are brought in to put their training to the test. The (201) 496-0860 are made to serve their masters and the house guests completely nude. The guests at The Upper Floor always reign supreme and get to take full control over the service sluts. Girls in restraints fight back squeals of pain as they are flogged and spanked. They struggle not to spill their service platters when getting fists rammed up their submissive pussies. In this full bondage video, you can expect to see real BDSM like never before, complete with bondage fucking, boot licking, and complete domination.
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Slaves Are Trained For Serving The Upper Floor

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At The Upper Floor, even the house maid is above the dirty little slave sluts from the lower level. She makes sure that the runts learn their place with some intense sex 302-282-9012 training. The busty sluts are led to the upper floor in nothing but their black stockings, high heels and extreme bondage 639-498-1696. She gets the girls in restraints warmed up by caning their tits in bondage. One sex (931) 632-7387 seems to like the abuse so much that the mistress gives her a full nipple torture through the big tit bondage. When the house masters join in on the sex 228-691-4800 training, the lower level 8435886387 are really pushed past their limits. They endure electroshock therapy, extreme humiliation, busty bondage, and multiple forced orgasms. With a bit of hard work and training, the 218-492-4096 sluts may be ready to serve the upper floor!
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Tortured Busty Slut Forced To Work

As a busty slut slave at The Upper Floor, the submissive girls in 575-652-1466 never know what to expect. They have endured cunt torture, bondage and sex, tight breast bondage and all forms of cruel torture. That doesn’t make any of the bdsm treatments get any easier! In this free kinky video, seasoned house slave Cherry Torn has been called in to prepare the room for her masters. She needs to scrub the entire floor and get the room set up with elegance fit for their superiority. Cherry is blindfolded and made told to start scrubbing while a house supervisor stands guard and whips her back any time she starts to slack off. Whether tight rope hogtie bondage redhead sex or a hitch hiking teen bound and fucked, there is always something kinky at (450) 479-4432.
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Slave Girls Compete To Please Master

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When you have four 902-216-4512 slaves together with just one master, they become even more 919-546-3717. In order to get the approval of their master, the slave girls each will have to prove their obedience by outdoing one another! The master tests his lucky sluts by decorating them with clothespin clamps. He makes them line up in a row and bend into humiliation positions so he can analyze their pussies. The girls each gag themselves on his massive cock, begging to take it deeper into their throats until they are suffocating from the 864-283-4797 sex. Even after extreme nipple torture, orgasm denial, and (972) 625-2896 sex, these slave girls are still eager to find more ways of pleasing their master. This type of full submission you can only see at The Upper Floor.
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In this full bondage movie from The Upper Floor, three of the most obedient 2034432689 girls are eager to please their master. They are excited when he brings over a guest so they can pamper him and submit to his ever whim, showing off how well they have passed their sex 407-784-2283 training. The guest puts the submissive girls to work shining his shoes with a buffer gag. They put on pussy worship shoes for him and display their submissive assholes. You can bet that these sexy slave girls go all out and even enjoy being tied and fucked into 336-310-1908. They are so obedient that they torture their clits with vibrators just to deny orgasm! The Upper Floor is the only place that you can see real lifestyle BDSM shot and streamed live.
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Hot Slut Initiated With Sex And Submission

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Whenever a new busty slut (530) 571-5589 is brought to the upper floor, she gets an intense bondage and sex initiation. The masters go over the entire bondage rope instruction with the new (727) 559-5109 girl to be sure of her commitment. In high heels tight skirts bondage, the slim submissive gets real corporal punishment of females. No matter how much training the girls received while being tied and fucked in the basement, the upper level is always a challenge. This new servant handles the cunt torture inflicted upon her but she still needs work on oral servitude. With all the masters and mistresses working on her, the 304-665-8254 will be completely trained by the end of this session. 7053866827 brings you tight rope hogtie bondage redhead sex, male domination and your kinkiest fantasies.
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