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Horse heart rate monitors - Equine heart rate monitoring from polar
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Polar Horse Heart Rate Monitors
Polar Equine RS800CX HRM
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Polar T52H coded transmitter for Polar horse heart rate monitors
Polar T54H coded transmitter for Polar horse heart rate monitors
Polar T56H W I N D transmitter for Polar digital equine heart rate monitors

Polar Heart Rate Monitors for Horses
Equine GPS + Heart Rate monitors

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Horse Training with heart monitors and GPS systems for horses.

Equestrian Fitness and Horse training has been made easier with Polar Horse Trainer. POLAR Heart Rate Monitors are already widely used by equestrian establishments for research and training to accurately monitor horses' heart rate during different training and treatment methods.

The importance of accurately monitoring a horse's performance is crucial during training for competitive racing and endurance events. POLAR HorseTrainer HRMs (heart rate monitors) make it possible to register the actual state of the horse at every moment, to regulate workload and to document the whole training process.

Invaluable for vets, the POLAR HorseTrainer provides a diagnostic tool that gives information with ECG accuracy without interruption, as is the case when using a stethoscope.

Horse heart rate monitors and equine GPS monitors for speed and distance
Equine Heart Rate Monitors
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