I tell you a little secret.


We think Miriamne may be in trouble.


As he was leaving the hotel, he was shot.

It came to a grand total of 150,000 euros.

An ice pack will numb the pain.

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How did you do it so quickly?

I'd be taking a loss at that price.

Price said he thought the pilot was drunk.


Do you want to get together later?

Tell her that I am sick.

The official language in Niue is Niuean.


This is one of the best restaurants in Boston.

Don't ask me about the speech.

The ceiling is leaking.

I've had enough of this, young lady!

Cory told me about what happened to Howard.


Ski jumping is a sport in which skiers go down a ramp, jump and try to land as far as possible.

It is not appropriate for you to do this.

Doctors don't know anything.

What else?

When does he come?

The blow caught him in the stomach.

This is spaghetti.

Be nice to Celia.

She had nothing to do with the case.

The smaller the body, the more likely the person will suffer from the ill effects of radiation.

The entrance examination was of rare difficulty.

Are you telling me I wasn't even considered for the job?

What wrong did you receive from me, that you are now scheming against me?

She counted all of the flowers in the garden.

I can't talk to them now.

Stay close to Lonhyn.

I was hoping you could talk to Duke.

Security was very tight.

Hearing you sing, people might take you for a girl.


The government made an announcement to the effect that taxes would be raised.

Is there a bulk discount?

The suspect had to lay all his things on the table.

A tiger is larger and stronger than a cat.

They met Ti here yesterday.

I thought Jill would eventually realize Marlena didn't like him.

It was seriously very interesting.


I am like a cat. I see better at night than by day.

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Can we talk in my office for a minute?


Many cancer patients lose their hair because of the chemotherapy.


You'll be on your own.


Graeme didn't read the newspaper yesterday.


I've got to get this fixed.

Rusty now has a good reason to be happy.

Dan attacked a black student.


It grew larger and larger.

We can't afford to stay here any longer.

Alcohol destroys the liver.

I need a huge favor.

Mikey bent down and touched his toes.

Although they were not guilty, they were charged.

Norman looked after the baby.


His spirit failed.


Yet today only about 15 percent of American families follow this pattern.

All the events described in this story are imaginary.

Rainer didn't know that Brender was going to Australia.

It was supposed to be kept secret.

My hands are sticky.

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You know how crazy they are over their little bundle of joy.

This is my umbrella.

Strangely, rich people tend to be stingier than poor people.

They both looked back at me.

Alvin took the candle from Travis and blew it out.


True happiness consists of desiring little.

I wonder if I should really become a teacher.

What's with Major?

We've been stuck here for three months.

I'll be back at half past six.


I forgot that Sandra didn't speak French.

I don't carry much cash with me.

It is not necessary for the public to know whether I am joking or whether I am serious, just as it is not necessary for me to know it myself.

It's not from me.

I didn't know them last year.

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I sent Palmer to get the money back.

The life of a man is of no greater importance to the universe than that of an oyster.

The noise kept me from sleeping last night.

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Noemi's knee hurts when he walks up or down stairs.

I am a man of absolute sincerity.

Otherwise he had nothing to add.

She is no stranger to me.

He was unsure how he would get there, and when.

I'm firing you.

What will we do with the leftover bread?


She became a true friend of mine.

Bryan was the last one to get here today.

Fritz isn't Canadian.


Singapore is extremely rich.


I erased one.


This man is alive.


I tried to stop him, but he left me behind.

How can you contribute?

The police handcuffed Suu and read him his rights.


You drive me nuts!

Attendance is compulsory for all members.

Recycling reduces pollution and waste.


What were you doing at the hospital?


Drew will be right back.

The outlook is bleak.

Let me swim.


She practises the piano every day.

I wish the fedora would come back in style.

Just go talk to them.


We took a dip in the lake after laying in the sun for a while.

I thought Sarah would get accepted to Harvard.

Jennie has more friends than Rod.

Where do you want to go, sir?

Old is a hard person to say no to.

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Sean Connery is a Scottish actor.

I play baseball.

Have fun, but don't get lost.

I don't know when the machine must be turned off.

I can't raise our daughter alone.

Give me your coat. I'll hang it up.

I never want to leave you again.

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Lightbulbs emit heat.

Yankee Doodle came to town // Riding on a pony // He stuck a feather in his cap // and called it macaroni.

She likes painting pictures.

Utilizing an ephemeris, an astronomer can calculate lunar phases and the times of rising and setting of the sun and of the moon all around the world and for any day of the year.

Deborah wants to ask Guillermo something.

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I want to close the door.


When I got out of prison, I couldn't find a job anywhere near my home since no one would hire an ex-con.

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'Biology' is a Greek word that means 'the study of living organisms'.

What kind of meat do you eat the most often?

No one has shown up as yet, but we're expecting at least 50 students.

I myself was a missionary in Africa.

That's what happens when you share your toys.

You made me cry.

Were you really playing chess at 11:30 last night?

Old and young, we are all on our last cruise.

Her bad face doesn't scare me even a bit.

Lucy is from America.

The scar isn't really visible.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Let him talk.


I have a terrible toothache.

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Hamilton was able to accomplish everything he'd set out to do.

Nowadays nobody believes in ghosts.

The chambermaid will bring you some soap.


I've already had many chances.

What the hell does Lanny know about that?

If you try and do everything, you'll never accomplish anything.

Nobody's going to believe this.

When we were kids, Morton and I could talk about anything.

A big car flew off the road today.

Harry is only 40.

I want to hear more about Dan.

I can't get along with the neighbors any more.

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Thierry picked up his stuff and walked out the door.

This is for your benefit.

Blake went to visit his grandmother at the retirement home.

I'm just going to spend a penny.

The hotness of this tea is making my cup too hot to hold.

I couldn't calm Kay down.

You can talk to Franklin, right?