Tanaka slid open the window.

I have tried to discourage him from going abroad.

I like to get things done early.

Valentine's Day is celebrated all around the world.

We must deal with this problem as soon as we can.

They're not examples.

Certainly, Aunt Wealthy was no slave to fashion.

Hirofumi is clearly losing.

To look at him, you couldn't help laughing.

There was a great variety of dishes on the menu.

This is true love.


She wants to know how she can lose weight quickly.

That gave us an idea.

You should know this.

You ruined your lecture.

Don't listen to those who promise you wealth overnight, my boy. As a rule they are either fools or swindlers! Listen to me and go home.

Adrian didn't even touch Klaus.

Many are against this bill.

Lemons grow on lemon trees and oranges on orange trees.

Shout it from the mountaintops.


Tell him I have a broken leg.


Get Spy in here.

I'm sorry. I'll do anything to make this right.

Are you kids hungry?


That seems correct to me.

There is something I want to sing.

Are you planning on buying a car?

Hume doesn't get emotional.

We are sleepy.

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Does something seem suspicious?

Gordon's patience is being strained.

Our factory is building a new chimney.


You look very pale.


Did you read everything?

Large cars use lots of gas.

A question to which yes or no will not quiet suffice.


Do you have a website?

Did Jane pray last night?

"Where are my glasses?" "You've left them on the kitchen table."

As far as I know, Irving doesn't have a girlfriend.

I'll remain in Boston for three days.

I managed to repair my car by myself.

In fact, he lied.

I'm terribly hungry.

I wish you'd call me.

Why don't you go and join him?

I just want to see if Rolfe plans to come to our party.

Did you just see something?

It does not matter how you say it, I am not going to pay attention to you.


I passed up an opportunity to see him.

What's your favorite computer game?

I don't want to be rude to her.

I belong to the baseball team.

What is she like?

Kiki seems apprehensive.

I have not forgotten your treachery.


Stanislaw sings and plays guitar at a local bar every Friday night.

There was a place for you.

I think I can help you.

What is your height and weight?

I would sooner die than get up early every morning.

Were you injured?

If it were not for your advice, I would be at a loss.

Doesn't matter.

Would you mind telling me all about it now?

On my desk there is always a bottle of water.

The explorers discovered a skeleton in the cave.


It's started raining.


Oh, Mother, help! I'm dying!

Even in Charles's funniest skits, there is a note of grief.

Jeannie spoke in a low voice.


The adaptability of humans in difficult circumstances is nothing short of amazing.

Let's try this again.

Your chances of dying while filling out your lottery tickets is greater than your chances of winning.

Srinivas couldn't keep the secret to himself.

Spike ate breakfast by himself.


One sentence may have multiple meanings in one language.


You'll be able to notice.

We should observe our traffic rules.

I don't think that would ever happen.

His teeth are yellow from smoking too much.

I'm not a policeman.


I'll borrow us some tools.

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Hurry up, or you will miss the last train.

I'm the guy who gave Darci that hat.

I don't know exactly.

They are hurrying to return home.

Rolf and Todd are now together.

I just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing.

I come from Spain.

What was wrong with him?

There is nothing more important than friendship.


Please! Don't open the window.


Last night there was a fire in the neighborhood.


Let me finish this game.


Canada's Andre de Grasse won the bronze medal in the 100m race.

Two opinions are better than one.

There are few who are not embarrassed to have been in love once they don't love each other anymore.

i went to the post office

My father? He goes to the library, to the cinema, to the theatre. He's very active.


I don't understand what's happening.


The troops easily put down the rebellion.


He is in a sense a representative of his company.

You don't help the poor.

We have run out of strawberries.


Loren often invites himself for dinner.

The answer is simple.

I know you're upset about the fact that we broke up, but my attraction to Francis didn't have anything to do with it.

I know things.

I am very glad to meet you today.

We heard a loud explosion.

It doesn't have any significance.

I make my own decisions.

I was ill at ease because I didn't speak French.

Someone is coming.

Please put your shoes in the shoebox when you take them off.

Bacteria are everywhere.

How is that pronounced?


Let's use our brains to the greatest extent possible and see what happens during the planning stages!


Bring your sister next time.


Euler's identity really is remarkable.

I'm going to go withdraw some money.

It's not like you think.


I remember it, too.

Kate asked me to come over.

I want to get better at chess.

This is Harv's shirt, not mine.

He has to travel to England this summer.


Christmas falls on Monday this year.


Last night I threw up.

Dawn hasn't been back here for years.

There wasn't a single survivor.

I hate everyone, and everyone hates me.

Charleen really admired Srivatsan's courage.

You're unethical.

I want to have something to remember you by.

The typhoon is increasing in strength.

I told Elaine that it was important to be there by 2:30.

Why should Louiqa apologize?

Our main branch is in Boston.

Someone gave me Courtney's number.

It's probably just a coincidence.

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I want to learn how to play the guitar.

I like to get things done.

We'll need some.

You're going to have to leave.

There's nothing else for us here.

I hope Pablo doesn't die.

But that's not the only reason he was busted.

Now move over.

What do you think of the game that Elijah created?

Next, we will talk to Ms. Pam Roland.

I had to abstain from smoking while I was in the hospital.

Johnnie's talking to himself.

I'll find another job.

Albert has been looking around.

This cloth absorbs water well.

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High on the summit of the Tree was fixed a tinsel star. It was splendid, particularly splendid.

I'm watching them.

I'm looking for my contact lens.

Lowell ran out of water.

The climate here is warm for most of the year.


We'll try it for a few days.

Bankruptcy is to the employer what dismissal is to the employee.

The Amazon is a river.