Don't play with fire.

He is truly sick.

He gave food to many.

Okay, who are you?

She was abducted by aliens from the planet Tatoeba.

I'm busy getting ready for tomorrow.

Why? Because I said so.

The Germans all suffer from acute commatitis.


We'll have to wait and see if that happens.

We ended up having a big argument.

Can you give me a ride?


He fled lest he should be arrested.

This mine is 500 meters deep.

Half a loaf is better than no bread.

He was always drinking in those days.

Will I miss out on anything if I don't read this book?

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I don't have a problem with anything you said.

The doll lay on the floor.

You shouldn't ask personal questions.

The union has a dominant influence on the conservative party.

I don't want to take a walk now.

Miriam is slaughtering a sheep.

See that the knife doesn't slip.

Many of today's young adults are drowning in credit card debt which most of them will never be able to pay off.

Philippe looks somewhat nervous and apprehensive.


Piet went to Korea as a Christian missionary.


You can get an idea what we are doing here soon.


Jeremy had his picture taken by Stephan.


These aims are an important part of the regional development strategy.

We must all go and find them.

Do you have this shirt in black?

I love you all so much.

They want, above all things to live in peace.

It isn't easy to understand his ideas.

So they sought a place such that the conference seating would have them facing the Americans.

I have to call him.

Are there any detergents in the laundry?

Don't make any quick decisions.

The fans went silent as they nervously watched the penalty shootout between the two teams.

All I want is my freedom.

Don't threaten me. I won't say anything.

I told Leila that Tiefenthal was mad at him.

Can I make copies?

You'll get a lot of presents on your birthday.

You and Bea must be busy.

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New York is the world's biggest city.

A lot of people would like to become famous. However, a lot of famous people wish they weren't so famous.

She insisted that he should stay where he was.


Valentin got on a horse and followed Shakil.

No one helped me.

Everybody's a winner.

In simplicity there is freedom.

His nasty comments fueled the argument.

Admitting what you say, I still think I am right.

It was not permitted that the inhabitants trespass in the area.

I'm Lum's mom.

Now you are a big boy, behave yourself.

We can't ignore them.

We already know.

I like dragon fruit.

Please listen to us.


A dash of vinegar is all the salad needs.

Thanks for the explanation.

I was affected by the summer heat.


This feels like real leather to me, no doubt about it.

Morgan is successful, isn't he?

He's all I have.

What went wrong here?

Would you like a cupcake?


Everything flows and nothing stays still.


This scandal has severely damaged the public image of our company.

That hardly mattered.

The most common sports games in the world are: Soccer, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Baseball, Cricket, Ice hockey, Volleyball, Beach volleyball, Tennis, Table tennis, Golf, Boxing, Wrestling, Badminton and Bowling.

Her English improved significantly.

Jesper lives in the woods without electricity and running water.


I warmed up beside the fire.

The lamp is grey.

I like the smell of bread just out of the oven.

It's OK with me if Clarence watches television after he finishes his homework.

They are disappointed in their son.

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I'm playing football at the moment. And you, what are you doing?


All Albert ever wants to do is watch TV.

I saw you cooking.

We have a special connection.

The hotel is at the foot of a mountain.

Thus Do They All.

How did she get there?

She came to the station to see me off.


I don't accept your apology.

Kuldip is honest, so I like him.

I'll take care of it right now.

We have a lot of fun.

Stephe came to class in his pajamas.

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After a storm comes the calm.

Freedom is a new faith, the faith of our time.

Room for rent.


We are sleepy.

Juha looked hungry.

I will give you this bicycle as a birthday present.

He has something that I don't: faith.

There's only one place Wayne could've gone.

She placed her hands on her hips.

Eugene died from electrocution.


I told it to my mother first and foremost.

He melts copper.

I got up very early today.


She isn't afraid of death.


No one but you could have done it this well.

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How far above sea level are we?


I am disgusted with you.


He knew how to put his ideas across.

This is an egg.

I just couldn't do it anymore.

What is your line of work?

He writes books.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Did you tell Jean how you feel?

I want you to dance.


Sandy has been in love with Kit since the first grade.

I'll see what is possible.

The blood was bright red.

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This woman gives the impression of being wealthy.


What's Marsha complaining about now?

Is it OK for me to remove my wedding ring and go to a dating party when I have a pregnant wife?

I can't wait for tomorrow to come.

Due to a cold, I've lost my voice.

I am Bulgarian.

I'll get them home safely.

He has spent three years writing this novel.

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I don't really know why he wrote the book.


I'll take Barrio at his word.

You need to be attentive during the interview and grab any opportunity that presents itself.

John would want you to have this.


He's at home right now.

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We'll deal with it.

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The carpet was worn out and had to be replaced.

That's what Rich says.

I told Kirsten to wait for me in the lobby.


I just don't like getting left behind.

How many characters are there in this play?

Stanley didn't tell me anything.


They made the right choice.

I just went into debt.

SOS, please help!

What do you do before breakfast?

Father is in the habit of reading the paper before breakfast.

She is in the bloom of youth.

I think that girl cut her hair to give herself a new look.

She had to speak before a large audience.

Have had it.

I wish I could figure out how to make this work.

Flight 101 from Paris arrived one hour ahead of time.

The woodpecker is feeding its mate.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were hiding something.

Don't you dare ask them that.

I don't want to see that again.

Let's get something to eat.

Do you ever buy raffle tickets?

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For sale: baby shoes, never used.

Wayne died of gastric cancer.

Tell them to hurry up.

A family of gnomes lives in a small house under this tree.

He is a genius at nitpicking.