Following this class's instruction, you will develop a comprehensive perceptive of Japanese.

I lost my patience.

Leung was born premature.

Stop publishing bullshit.

This decision won't make anybody happy.

Manjeri couldn't stand being alone with Clem.

The next World Cup will be held in Brazil.

They were drinking champagne.


Doesn't that seem strange to you?


Kolkka can't figure out how Knute was able to plan a surprise party without him knowing about it.

I can't speak to her.

Did you really mean that?

Leads is very good at it.

We're trying to get to Boston.


They laughed quietly.


Oleg and I are good friends now, but we didn't like each other the first time we met.

Mechael looked at the map on the table.

They're not interested in politics.


Mara took three weeks off.

Petr goes jogging almost every afternoon.

People love to talk - talk - talk.


He won't like this.

You can sit if you want.

That is not true.


Let's postpone until next week.


That's the building where my dad works.

This is most unfortunate.

What should we tell Grant now?

The Rodin museum in Paris is magnificent.

People keep asking Dan how many languages he can speak.


I can't do this alone.


I used to think Dominick was a pretty good coach.

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Are you going to die?

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I submitted the application myself.


What do you want to do next summer?

If you finish your homework, you can watch TV.

Leora enjoyed his stay in Boston.


You seem to be in pain.

What type of TV news you watch?

She competes in ski races.

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That sounds like another lie.

What did you really mean?

This beautiful dress is made of silk.


High fever is a frequent accompaniment of influenza.

Tell her we don't want to go.

I have a clear conscience.


The young man driving the car was drunk.

Don't be so pessimistic.

Her explanation of the problem made no sense.

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You're completely wrong.

She rendered the love song very well.

I regard his advice as valuable.

I feel sick when I get up in the morning.

About how many times an hour do these buses leave?

After the junction take the motorway.

Why do you seem so angry?

The police are going to eventually catch you.

I need to ask you a favor.

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What's going on here today?


Do you have a sister? Who is she?

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Can I see that again?


Is it going to snow?


You should not name your baby Barack. Every Pandora, Dick and Harry is named Barack.

All things considered, I'd rather be in Boston.

Mah makes a lot more money than I do.


That doesn't scare me in the slightest.

The captain controls the whole ship.

This house is not very large.

It's kind of important.

Dory and Adrian have a very good relationship.

She is about to kill me.

We'll pay you for it.

Jiro isn't here now.

You get tired of a beautiful woman after three days. You get used to an ugly woman after three days.


Some rich people and corporations don't pay their fair share in taxes.


I was invited last week as well, but it was late so I regretfully turned them down.


I leave that to you.


What're we looking for?

Let's just forget you ever did this.

Renu did neither of the two things I asked him to do.

It's his problem, not mine.

Man has the ability to talk.

Do I have to make a speech?

I came to Boston last month.


I am so full of foolish ideas today.

He was chosen by election.

What time do you have breakfast?

Curtis was arrested for stealing a napkin at a restaurant.

I didn't keep him waiting.

There is an old castle at the foot of the mountain.

You look like your dad.


Self-harm is difficult to understand if you've never felt the need to practice it.

I like being treated like that.

It'll cost you more to go by plane.

Your brain programs your emotions.

Mahmoud is fascinated.

A lie detector works by detecting changes in pulse and respiration.

He looked as if he had not eaten for days.


Man does not live by bread alone.

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What do you think Soohong did?

What does your name say about you?

Please just make sure that doesn't happen.

The lengths of day and night are the same today.

Carlos looks like an accountant.

I've got to get ready.

You got very drunk.

Marco could smell gasoline.

If you go by Shinkansen, you'll be there in no time.


You must contribute to Tatoeba only in your mother tongue.

Please sit down for a moment.

I think this is a great idea.

Can you throw that away for me?

You're making a big mistake here.

Tiefenthal has been in love with Margot since the 8th grade.

One day, we'll all have to die.


I visited Boston.


I don't feel sorry for them.

I don't believe this is happening.

Don't read that kind of book.

She is rarely late for appointments.

Everyone loved it.

List is a good songwriter.

I think we're safe here.

Can you believe her?

This plant is critically endangered.

Time is on our side.

They know you.

It's not that I dislike reading; it's just that I have no time.

I will start after he comes.

You're my enemy.

I was home last night.


Space is full of mysteries.

Listen to them.

Is that a rhetorical question?

I am not very good at backgammon.

We're not that desperate.

Do you want to see some of my paintings?

Lorien was a good worker.


Here's a picture of Arne.

Nadeem is angry with us.

It was Colin who told me what had happened.

Father used to tell us not to envy others.

Where du you think you're going?


Does that guy look familiar to you?

I don't want to come to Boston.

It took Brian several hours to write a card.


He earns a lot of money.

I am afraid your translation is overly literal.

I'm pretty sure that Kayvan doesn't have plans for next weekend.


I have a large body of information in my computer database.

You can't get lost in big cities; there are maps everywhere!

The next morning, to our great relief, he returned home safe and sound.


My lungs were screaming for air.

He could not leave the thing alone.

I had no choice.

When I woke up, she was gone.

He swept his brush across the canvas.

He has a good chance of being elected.

I feel vulnerable.