We can't risk it.

It's an easy mistake to make.

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Considerable care is advised when driving in winter weather.

Markku frowned.

Let's concentrate.

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Please turn out the light so that I can sleep.

Happiness is probably wanting what you already have, not having what you want.

You're right, of course.

The old man sat cosily by his warm stove. The fire was blazing brightly and some apples were roasting in front of it.

I think that's for Amigo to decide.

Could you actually eat this?

I want to microwave a frozen food.

It's Jayant's birthday today!

You'd better get out of here before you get hurt.

Space decided to learn all he could about computers.

As a writer, she does not fit into any of the traditional categories.


I got it from someone.

We prayed that our mother would forgive us.

She gave me a meaningful look.

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Sonny doesn't look very busy.

I demand an explanation for this mistake.

I don't have a lover.

There's a huge hole in the wall.

He has a store on the main road.

He knows me well.

We need it when asleep as well as when awake.

You're told to go.

I left my dictionary downstairs.

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Whether you succeed or not, you have to do your best.


Could you give him a minute?

His report has just been handed in.

Have you started learning English?


Lievaart was the one who suggested it.

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Are you going to call Russell or do you want me to?

I really liked what you cooked for me.

Lisa doesn't like eating at Applebee's.


Cindie looked at them both.


Harry works part-time at the local supermarket.

Yolanda only declares love in person.

Are you in a band?


Suu is losing his concentration.

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He has a serious girlfriend.

Ravindran held out his empty glass and Himawan filled it with orange juice.

I like hot tea better than cold.

Maurice and Ahmet are a perfect match for each other.

The car banged itself against a tree.

What Leigh does is his own business.

What's Pria up to today?

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Don't you remember anything?

Dimetry poured some milk into a bowl.

List's innocent.


I saw John at the library.

It was six o'clock.

The library is wrapped in almost complete silence.


I'd really like to know.

Do you have any idea what I should say to Tanya?

I've actually never been drunk.


What's the point of doing this?

Sound absorbing material is called acoustic material.

He grasped her meaning clearly.


You are a drug addict like me!

I'll never tell anyone what you just told me.

I had a good time.

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I've accused you unfairly.

Why does this happen?

Did Wolfgang break your heart?

Jacobson doesn't know how much it will cost.

A fallen fakir is in the mosque.

We'll be in touch.

Do you think he will like it?

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We've recently put a new roof on our house.

Many businesses were plundered during the riots.

She was moved to tears at story.


Dogs breathe approximately 30 times a minute.

The whale is the largest animal on the earth.

I don't know why I expected anything different.

Should we really be doing this now?

In Latin, "gallus" means both "cock" and "Frenchman".

Can you open a second register?

The legend says that the day she died, an eclipse darkened the skies.


I haven't talked to Spencer in years.

It won't be long before your dream comes true.

Jon swung the bat and hit a home run.

Parcels are handled at the next window.

I beg your pardon. I didn't quite catch your name.

I've always known that.

Can you speak French, too?

I'll be ready to go in five minutes.

"I think I really love you, Debi." "I love you too."

I ask forgiveness.

Are you sure we have to be there by 2:30?

He's a snob about wine.

This is a long-standing problem.

You could've saved me a trip if you'd just told me I didn't need to be here today.

I have to talk to you about Edgar.

Marty had better watch out.

Amos traveled to Boston.

Keep back.

That's another concern of mine.

Sunil and Svante kept their cool.

Eddy braided Annard's hair.


Ira was drinking.

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I always wanted a dog.

Don't you want to go out?

I followed to the letter what you have told me.

I opened the box and looked inside.

I was just wondering if any of you are planning to go to our high school reunion this weekend.

He's two years older than me, but he's shorter.

I'm here looking for her.

Seriously, don't be a stranger.

He was blue from the cold.


We took a good place to see the parade.


Both kangaroos and opossums are marsupial animals.

Myrick bought a condominium near the lake.

Murph doesn't seem to be paying attention.


I'm not doing that.

The air is thin at the top of a high mountain.

It'll just take a minute.

I just kind of want to be alone right now.

Do you think anyone will volunteer?

Laurent came to see me three days ago.

I still see Elliot.


He couldn't go out because of the snow.

This discovery has been exploited to the detriment of the poor peasants.

Sundar went on a trip for a few days.

I will see him after I get back.

I'll come see you later.


They elected him chairman.


I can't be sure.

Why didn't somebody tell him?

I got lost driving back from town.


I promised not to tell anyone.

Novo works for a translation agency.

The factory is closed for refurbishment and will re-open on 1st September 2007.


Don't misbehave.

Did you talk to him about this?

Guests arrive, carrying a net or basket.


No overseas adoptions yet? What kind of celebrity are you, anyway? Go sit at the kid's table with Kathy Griffin and Gary Busey!

Clifford and Rayan are outside on the veranda.

Why are you just sitting there? Pour the champagne!

He went to the Tokyo station by taxi.

Marie was upset by what you said.

Which one of these is your book?

Manolis spends every weekend in Boston.

That's easy enough for you to say.

You should visit Boston.

I didn't lie.

I know you're going to do very well.

Do you have rice?

It so happened that I rode in the same train with him.


Actually, it's hard to explain.

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I did my best to protect them.

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They're racists.

I couldn't understand Rob's explanation.

There have been many attacks by molesters lately. Please try to walk on bright and well-frequented roads as much as possible.


They asked me to make a speech in French.


It's really pretty here.

Our friendship is very important to me.

I'll carry as much as I can.

The bones remained frozen in the ice.

Les was branded a thief.

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Just stick to the protocol, would you?