Friendship lasts longer than memories.

A storm was approaching our town.

If you need me, call.

I do many things at the same time, so not only am I reading things by Akutagawa, I've also increased the amount of time I spend reading in English and I also read a little in German every day.

Isidore promised to let me know what happened.

I had nothing else to say.


What more could you ask for?

Hey, do you know it's my birthday today?

That's very odd.

Hey, dude.

I'm very busy this week.

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Kamel has very good manners.


Kuldip dropped out of college.

She is likely to live to one hundred.

You must be proud.

Did you ever talk to Kazuhiro about that?

There's still no sign of him.


He said: "Leave me in peace!"

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Who made this plan?


Christofer is your father.

Doctors thought he had a cold.

She nosed about in his desk for the letter.


I took my degree in biology.


You can't do this!

Don't always take sides with him.

Hank can show you around.


Lin told me you work for him.

Takeuchi did what June asked him to do.

He came back at six.


Skip is deeply grateful for all Dale's help.

They have to come.

The bald guy is my husband.


The Japanese economy is in depression.


We happened to meet her in the park.


I'm a little worried about him.

A clever husband reads his wife's thoughts, but doesn't try to understand them.

In a frenzy of despair...

Though he lives within a stone's throw of the school, he is often late.

Dan is here to protect me.


Graeme apologized for falling asleep in class.

The engine is purring.

They don't really believe that nonsense, do they?

The news traveled all around Europe.

Nicholas ripped up the check.

I voted for Jenine three years ago.

Shel isn't in now.

Please do not touch.

The driver ignored the stoplight.


If I were a bird, I could fly to you.

I had no idea this was going to happen.

It wouldn't be very difficult for us to do that.

I don't understand her.

She thought of her cat left behind at home.


Do you really think you can win?

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Shouldn't you take a break?

I'm no scapegoat to take it lying down.

The battle was fought by the river.

She keeps company with a foreign student.

That supermarket sometimes has sales.

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You have to help your friends.

Frankly, no one really stands out.

Nobody suspected anything.

I want an electric fan.

I'm asking you to help me change Wendy's mind.


You're embarrassing me.

Arms folded across the chest and upper body bent forwards, the guest showed respect to the host.

Well, aren't you going to answer your phone?

How did you like the food you tasted?

I spilled my coffee on the carpet.

There's a remote control under the chair.

She observed how butterflies fly.

Are there reserved seats for this film?

We hope Panos will do what we've asked.

I think I have a gum infection.

He's a huge fan of trains.

I never wrote that down.

May I draw the curtains?

I'd better talk to Norm.

The tribal wise man shared his knowledge with all the young.

We'll take care of him.

This drama will be on the air tomorrow.

Leave that alone!

You never gave up on us.

He made a dash for the bus.

His heart was not in his work, nor did he take any pride in it.


I've been under a lot of pressure lately.

Is this the Department of Labor?

Can you please tell me where the nearest church is?

The sun shines also at night.

John is much taller than Edgar.


Last night we worked until 10 p.m.


I want some answers.


This time it has to work.

The only flight available is a red eye flight next week.

It's a magic number.

Sonja understands exactly what Moore wants him to do.

Those homeless people are living hand-to-mouth.

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That's the problem, isn't it?


Those burly books were really expensive.

He placed emphasis on the importance of education.

Never did I see such powerful speakers.


The boy saw himself as an adult.

I prefer coffee.

Aomori is famous for its good apples.

I have had no chance to see the movie.

Dannie wants to stay single.

Maria cooked with fresh ingredients from the garden, and all the meals tasted as if they were full of sunshine.

Do I have to register?


Can I touch it?

Markus called Philippe and asked her out.

He is always spoiling for a fight.

We're all waiting for you.

I didn't like what I saw on TV.

I don't bite.

How was your night?

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I worked in Boston for three years.


Your attitude towards work bothers me!

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You are a bit fat.


What kind of dog is that?

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I thought you were injured.


I need a little time.


I believe in myself and trust what I do.


I like reading by daylight.


I must wait here.

There are many snakes in this forest.

I was late for the meeting because of a traffic jam.

I've been waiting for you all day.

Are you afraid of Rolfe?

The French Revolution began in 1789.

Courtney talks about Sundar all the time.

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Are eggs a good source of protein?

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As a result of the accident, several passengers were killed.

The political party crossed the margin of five percent in the first polls.

The price is not reasonable.

It's unlikely that anyone other than Amos would be interested in buying this.

The population of China is about eight times as large as that of Japan.

I have some advice for you.

I really miss the old days.

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The solution of one may prove to be the solution of the other.

The river is dangerous.

In a manner of speaking, yes.

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Tell us why you killed him.

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I am for your opinion.

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Close your mouth.


Vampires live forever, unless they're killed.

I don't have to get up until 1 o'clock tomorrow.

The almond trees are in bloom.

I almost understood it all.

Today it is snowing.

How long have you been living here?

I go to the barber once a month.

They found her, didn't they?

I don't wear shoes in my house.


We see the same side of the moon at all times.

I've hired a private tutor to help me practice my German conversation.

Do you know of a dish that has laurel leaves in it?