Just stop bugging me, okay?

A metre is 100 centimetres.

Not to brag, but I just made my first million dollars yesterday.

The right you are trying to establish is ruled out by article 7 of the constitution.

So, Bjorne, tell us about yourself.

What's your favorite Anime?

I'll send her a postcard.

Correct me if I am mistaken.

I'm headed for my sister's wedding.

You don't need to answer any more questions.

He is looking at what used to be my father's desk.

I intended to have been a doctor.

Tell her that I am clearing the garden.

I can't see.

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You had better make the most of your opportunities.

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He has been well off since he started this job.


Bea answered the policeman's questions.


Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.

They named their dog Lucky.

We'll be back as soon as possible.

Don't you think that's a little harsh?

"You were practically drooling over him." "I was not."

Randal'll wait.

Hans took a handful of popcorn from the bowl.


Do you think this is the right thing to do?

Don't tell me to go home.

She left without saying goodbye.


I think that the Lions will be the champions this year.

I'm not as strong as I used to be.

The heater doesn't work.

Death is a great instructor.

He walked on and on in the rain.

I memorized his name and address.

He was brimming over with hope.


The criminal left footprints.

Jane Goodall discovered that chimpanzees are omnivorous, not vegetarian.

His sudden death surprised us greatly.

Wilmer doesn't enjoy family gatherings very much.

They have failed.


This CD costs ten dollars.

What's wrong with my manners?

A lot of people do that.


Thou art very beautiful.

This dog is yours. Where is mine?

One shouldn't worry about what people are going to say.

There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence.

The author doesn't display much talent in his book.

"I swear this trash is so overrated it makes me sick." "You like?" "Not a bit." "Great! I will make more then. See you later!"

Can you still eat food that's fallen on the floor?

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Why should there be a problem?

He can speak Russian as well.

Napoleon's life was a great drama.


Winnie was knocked out in the tenth round.

What did Luke tell you about me?

The heat withered the flowers.

Remember what I said.

Now, take a deep breath.

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This is the first time I've ever commented a sentence.

I let you down.

It finally got warm enough to go outside without a jacket.

I can't sell you that.

A report came in that Apollo 11 succeeded in landing on the moon.

The boat was alongside the quay.

Ariel was tortured.

How come you didn't come to the party?

Thanks for dinner.

Go get me another beer.

Dimitry was the first one to wake up.

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You should slow down when you approach a four-way intersection.

Tell me where Hilda took Jacques.

Today it's quite hot.

Most of the students here are diligent.

You have to leave Boston.

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Guido was injured.

I didn't say that I wanted your opinion.

Weeds are nature's opposition against the rule of the gardeners.


In Japan, there are many hot springs.

I almost forgot my passport.

Buffalo Bill didn't kill any bison. It was climate change that did it.

I'm going to be singing a cappella at a friend's wedding ceremony.

In my opinion, soccer is a great sport.

It was strictly business.

He succeeded in swimming across the river.

Don't try me.

You helped us.

Again I was able to escape death.

It was in the basement.

I'm sorry, but I didn't catch what you said.

I have a master's degree in mechanical engineering.


I did nothing all day.

I can't get used to her.

It is outside my area of study.

I know you don't know them.

Stay away from the clinic.

What's the best way to say this in French?

The finest wines are those from France.

They're speaking French.

What were Carlo and Lanny told?

Come here and give me a hug.

It is well known that Miss Manwaring is absolutely on the catch for a husband.

It was a fine sunny day.

Everyone was so happy.


Don't talk about me.


I'm in the attic.


I'd sure like to help her.

Cristina has a much better idea.

Recycling paper is a moral duty.

The lake has a very clear water.

He took ten deep breaths.

The President spoke to the nation on TV.

Rodent read the document aloud.

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You should sound him out about the matter.


This electronic toilet comes with all sorts of bells and whistles.

We're doing this to help them.

Manny leaned over and pressed her head against Winston's shoulder.

Mike said that he was very careless.

Don't miss it.

New York is the biggest city in the world.

Just wait a minute, please.

I don't want to freak Blaine out.

My mind brings me to speak of forms changed into bodies new.

Spock is quite busy just now.

They are our dearest friends.

I haven't eaten vegetables for a month.

I guess I've been too busy.

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Thousands of people are killed on the roads.

You'd better find him.

I was very close to her.


My cat is gone, it's already missing for three days.

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The spider spun her delicate web in the garden.


Jack is a powerful acquisition for our team.


He has started writing the dictionary in his native language.


In hindsight it is hard to decide whether this project was a failure or whether its side benefits made it a success.

Meeks left me a surprise.

Work pace is left up to the individual employee.

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I'm meant to be much more than what I've become.


Vickie will pick me up after school.


He watered his horse.

It will take years of number crunching to analyze these statistics.

Rodger knows he can't win.


Unfortunately, many people don't trust us anymore.


Give a way.

I thought Sanford had fixed this.

These are new.


She is a dreamer.


I don't care about English, I can't even speak it.

I've never been asked to do anything like this before.

No sooner had he seen me than he ran away.


You can call me anytime you like.


Let's not forget the main purpose of this meeting.

I told them not to do that.

Joni couldn't breathe.

These cookies aren't expensive, but they taste good.

I have to delete many files from my computer.

The show was an electrifying hit.

Don't get drunk and, please, stop using those fuckin' bangers or my very bad and angry cat will scratch you all!


Manuel had a cold.

Last week I was treated to dinner by my friend who'd won at pachinko. It was all-you-can-eat so I ate to my heart's content.

The shoes are worn out.


The situation called for quick, decisive action.

I would like to talk with you again.

He is a sanitary inspector.