Sbotti, the Service Robot

According to statistics presented by the Icelandic Tourist Board, the number of people that visited the country in 2016 was more than five times the population on its own.

Sbotti team realised that there is desperate need for a faster and more efficient way of serving people in accommodation industries.

By harvesting latest innovations in natural language processing, our team went on a mission to create a multilingual chat bot focused on enabling travellers to self-service themselves using mainstream social media platforms.

Sbotti is a plugin to your existing system. In order to integrate Sbotti, it has to connect to the booking engine of your choice, your payment provider and your desired social media channel.


Book rooms

Guests can book rooms directly through the chat interface


Guests can automatically check-in to the hotel

Increase direct bookings

Generate higher revenue by avoiding booking engines

24 hour service

Guests can reach the chat bot 24 hours a day

Instantly answer questions

Guests can get instant feedback from Sbotti


Sbotti can speak in 8 different languages, thus making your business more accessible

Cancel bookings

Guests can cancel their booking

Edit bookings

Guests can edit their bookings


Guest can get information regarding the check-out procedure

Our Great Team

Ingveldur D. H.

Ingveldur Dís Heiðarsdóttir

Dovydas S.

Dovydas Stankevicius

Sigríður D. G.

Sigríður Dögg Geirsdóttir

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