Jurevis said that the soup was too hot.

I don't want to fight with Randell.

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The President continues to support funding for drug courts, which give first-time, non-violent offenders a chance to serve their sentence, if appropriate, in drug rehabilitation programs that have proven to work better than prison terms in changing behavior.

I'm convinced he's innocent.

Corey rubbed his eyes.

I almost cried.

I got excited, then realized it's just you.

To tell the truth, I think you are wrong.

I'd like to learn how to arrange flowers.

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My father takes a walk in the park.


When Marco woke up, he found Beverly reading a book at the desk.


You look like you've just seen a ghost.

Can you tell us what it is?

Ted handed Sanand a banana.


Better to have something than nothing.

This athlete is strong and agile.

I see the man.


Oleg is the one who usually ends up feeding our dog.

Experience Life is a journey in which one often faces lot of hardships.

She didn't take many photos.

Some Middle-Easterners seek more religious solutions.

There are sometimes blizzards in Kanazawa.

The group was made up of six girls and four guys.

He has a habit of telling lies.

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Her pillow was wet with tears.


My real name is Rolfe.

Go ahead.

She tried it with a friend.

He provided food and clothes for his family.

Why don't you just say you don't like Chinese food?


Day after day I write to her.


Kyoto is most crowded when it is extremely beautiful.


Roger was glad to be alone.


I miss all this.

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Did you know Oleg?

Is Santa Claus real?

What will that achieve?

You must allow us to finish.

I don't want to make the same mistakes again.

You can see the Skytree from there.

Kirsten, what are you doing up in that tree?

I was just trying to be a friend.

The world is a big place.

They'll have a blast.

He got well again.

My boss is very strict.

In this instance we are provided with an exact account of the conversation between the two poets.

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Our supplies are running out.

I don't want to insult him.

I think I know who painted that picture.

They love her.

I knew Trey would try to convince Shuvra not to go.


You may proceed.

Do you like my new suit?

Moe is determined.

She speaks Spanish, not to mention English.

My mother lives a lonely life in the country.

Everybody in the picture is smiling.

Rees has paid back what he owes us.


I wouldn't go there so long as I could.

"Open! I say," repeated Geppetto, "or I'll give you a sound whipping when I get in."

I was trespassing.

She threatened to kill him.

Did she have any enemies?

As far as I'm concerned, his perfume is an aphrodisiac.

I'll stay here till you get back.

Norman pushed open the bedroom door.

Upon entering the room, she fell down.

In 2009, a man in New Zealand cooked and ate his pet dog.

They live in the house opposite to ours.

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I got a traffic ticket.

These are gifts.

Mysore found out about Kitty's secret relationship.

The child received piano and singing lessons.

We had lunch early.

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Talking to him always puts me in a good mood.

You cannot be too careful about your health.

Together, you represent the harmony between tradition and progress.

Whatever happens happens.

I'm mad at myself for following Juan's stupid advice.

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Josh left after breakfast.

Let's strive after virtue and give up vice.


It's not an either-or situation.

I told you to stay away from my sister.

I asked the boys if I could play, and they said no.


Just imagine that we can fly like birds.


That's vulgar.


A strange figure suddenly came through the door.

I'm ashamed of what my fellow professionals and I have done during the past.

Who is the man at the other side of the table?

She unfolded a blanket.

I want to spend my free time wisely.

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He never came.

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I'm going to my grandmother's.

I'm taking her to the park.

I require advice.


Boeree began work on LFN in 1965, with the goal of creating a simple language. He was inspired by reading about Lingua Franca, a pidgin used around the Mediterranean sea in centuries past.

If we begin early, we can finish by lunch.

We shouldn't have told her.


Barrio and Piet are older than John.

Travis's driver's license will expire next month.

Shall we speak Swiss German together?


Tango is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.


I'm willing to quit if you want me to.

What a beauty!

Brett is sloshed.

Knudsen will listen.

I wish you all the best.

I can introduce you myself.

They sell things very cheap in this store.

Kitty told me you were sick.

Christian seemed to be in a good mood.


Dwayne needs more than that.

There's nothing happening.

Love will find a way.

He runs a company in Meguro.

John is good at mathematics.

I get what I want.

Mississippi is the fattest state in America.

Irritable men are always the last to know about things.

Sandra offered me her seat in the train.

Have you heard already that he has finally returned home?

Alan doesn't understand a word you're saying.

Clare is really funny.

Carole looked a little unconvinced.

At least I wasn't alone.

Harvey paid for everything with cash.

If you studied hard, you would get good marks.

I actually don't know where Micheal lives.

The boy ran away.

Trey checked his pockets.

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You will be able to swim well next summer.

I hope we beat Mara.

I'd like to get together with you before I leave for Europe.


They are sitting in the kitchen and drinking tea.

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I've always distrusted her.

Suck my dick!

You're still shivering.


Raphael thinks Ram should be happy.

The TV was turned on.

Be honest and straightforward.

What exactly is she referring to?

He loves talking about politics.

I am extremely envious of those people.

I'm not avoiding you.

There is a possibility that I may go to the United States next year.

Why did you invite her?


How sweet!

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Syun lay in bed, unable to sleep.

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The twins were so alike that it was difficult to tell them apart.


The sculptures are of great value.


Welcome to this brand new week!


Is eating cockroaches a bad idea?

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Hector said he needed more time.

We passed the time playing pachinko.

As far as I know, he's a nice guy.


The duchess wore a large hat.