Do you know where you should get on the subway?


It goes without saying that smoking is bad for your health.

The cat is playing with the children.

Can we meet February 28, around 3:00 pm?

Parking is prohibited here.

Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.

I just had breakfast with her.

What was it Tao said?

Keep it warm.

There was a large sound when I was reading a book.

What a colossal waste of time!

The old man fell down on the ground.


I will be right over.


How much money was saved in preparation for the summer vacation?

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Can it wait another hour?

I guess Kelvin forgot to tell you.

I have got some books.


Don't worry, it happens to everyone.

Whenever I see this, I remember him.

Read the letter in front of everyone.

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I'm seeing him this afternoon.

I'll get lonely.

I know about this already.

You're an unreliable witness.

I'm certain Bruce was referring to Timo.

I can go by train.

When he went out the front door, the bus was just coming around the corner.

I don't want to do your dirty work.

"Can't you give this little maiden something which will make her as strong as twelve men, to overcome the Snow Queen?" "The Power of twelve men!" said the Finnish woman; "that would be of very little use."


I can't believe he did that.

You're not romantic at all.

I like reading by daylight.

Such an event is quite common here.

I don't like lying to him.

When I see a rainbow in the sky, my heart flutters (with joy)

Where else could I go?

Everyone was invited, except for me.

Connie doesn't look convinced.

I'm not scared of her.

It is impossible to tell what will happen in that country.

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Jelske sent the letter to the wrong address.

We need exercise.

I heard Jean-Christophe split up with Jeffrey.


Women are inferior beings, they obey their organs too much. In my opinion, they are only beautiful when they look like men.

I bet Sandip liked his birthday present.

The lavishness of the party amazed everybody.

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Her heart was dominated by ambition.

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Every spirit makes its house, and we can give a shrewd guess from the house to the inhabitant.

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Which is the operating profit in the same period?

How did you enjoy the party?

The sea turns deep by itself.

Instead of slapping him in the face, she spit in it, and walked contemptuously away.

Find out how Julie plans to spend his weekend.

He is better off than he used to be.

You and I must stick close, back to back.


How did you get Dana to marry you?

Andries does crap work.

Andrea isn't very responsible.


I am getting good vibes from this place.


Why are people afraid of us?

The oldest of us is called Mikko.

I had a cat.

Whose car is it, do you know?

I had barely got home when the storm broke.

Marguerite got Tollefsen's file and put it in his briefcase.

Liberty, as we all know, cannot flourish in a country that is permanently on a war footing, or even a near war footing. Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of central government.

Are there any beaches in Germany?

We can't pay the taxi driver if we don't have any money.

It's almost summer.

Who said what to whom?

Why would you believe her?

I'll bring him home.

I thought Micah would want to help me.

Cory would've won easily.

I like your cat, but it doesn't like me.

Because she is twenty-five years old, she gets married.

We are agreeable to your conditions.

We got some special evidence that proves that he is guilty.

Their wedding will be tomorrow.

Nick used to lock himself in the basement for hours.


I wish I was with you.

I have not heard from her for a month.

"What is the time?" "It is twenty minutes to three."

I don't feel much like talking.

Tell her to take a seat.


According to statistics, world population is on the rise.

Allan and his father are alive and well.

Yesterday, I cooked Okonomiyaki.

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Please buy me a turtle, Mother, please buy me a turtle.

His snoring was a deal breaker.

He lives apart from his parents.

We have to build scaffolding strong enough to support the weight of dozens of workers and tons of equipment.

This is the first time that I have been here.


I'll never talk to you again.

"Why aren't you coming?" "Because I don't want to."

Blackbeard named his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge.


I don't like people talking about me.

But that's not likely at all.

I found a very interesting website that proposes the complete texts of Icelandic sagas, some of which are also translated in English and Danish.

Tareq found the exercise exhausting.

They're going to torture Geoffrey.

I need to change my tires.

I don't like to travel with large groups.

I'll defend Thierry.

The Japanese government can't cope with the problem.

The station is under repair.

I can take a nap wherever.

When he woke up, he remembered the dream as a terrible experience, and from that day on, he started forgetting a great number of very important details of his life.

Molly volunteered.


And that's how my mom met my dad.

How about playing tennis next Saturday?

Put some basil on the pizza.


Darin knew no one.


She can speak both Spanish and Basque.

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Just don't make me do this again.

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How many pairs of shoes do you have?

He is screaming a lot.

He looks down on everybody else.

I haven't been to Boston lately.

Elvis sought advice from a native speaker before putting the sentence on Tatoeba.

Lou drew the curtains so he couldn't be seen from the street.

I'll take them there myself.


Oh please, spare me the sob story.

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I study English at home.

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Don't let go of the rope.

Your compassion never ceases to amaze me.

I will come tomorrow morning.

Mitch's picture is on the front page of today's newspaper.

Certain artificial sweeteners are known to be carcinogens.

Am I disturbing you?

Earnie asked Nils what was in her suitcase.

They used tools similar to those used there.

The problem's being looked into as I speak.


I sort of had a crush on you.

Xochipepe likes flowers.

It should be noted that the duty continues after a notice of allowance is mailed and the issue fee is paid.


I really want you near me.

That's something you don't see every day.

Celia skinned his elbow.

I can't, however, agree with your opinion.

Where did you spend your summer vacation?


They really are at loggerheads.

I've been subpoenaed.

I've left her three messages.

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Don't you need help?

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Sandra hit the nail right on the head.


There were various objects in the room.


I'll get started right away.

He quickly disappeared in the crowd.

Shall we go together?

You can always contact me.

We felt the earth tremble.


Sicily is hot in summer.

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Did you meet someone else?


His desire to become a towering figure in the American literary scene was not well understood by the public.

That is why she didn't join them.

I had no idea you were a teacher.

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That you should be stalking Hanako! You'd been quiet recently so I'd let my guard down.

Luckily, Kim wasn't there.

Yoko bought some of them.