We often hear it said that time flies.

Come on, take it easy. Chances are in your favor.


He makes it a rule to work in the garden for two hours every day.


They came together.

The population of the world will double before long.

Swamy told me to leave the room immediately.

Being Colombian is the best.

I'm just feeling a little sick.

I'm not sure who to talk to.

The argument became heated.

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I've never seen anything like this before.

This is your last chance to spend time with Juergen.

You can store information if you use a computer.

They're both wrong.

The expression on his face was more sour than a lemon.

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A beautiful woman like you shouldn't be eating alone.

To tell you the truth, I don't care for America.

I threw away my shoes.

He's down to earth.

My sister has a good command of both English and French.

I feel very happy.

The big oak tree breaks the force of the wind.

I owe you nothing.

It's fun to watch nerdy cartoon characters from the 90s brag about how many megabytes of RAM they have, which is usually somewhere around 8.


I really hate myself right now.


Don't do anything against your will.

Instead of eating here, let's go home.

I could have picked a better time.


I'll be over in a minute.

Does water conduct electricity?

You hate spiders, don't you?

When was it built?

Do any of you have anything to say in connection with this?

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There is a fence around the house.

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Speak slowly.


I bought you a gift.

I didn't want to believe the things Chuck said about Knudsen yesterday.

I had two copies of the book.


The evidence is fairly conclusive.

"Alma-Ata" means "apple's father" in many Turkic languages.

Why don't you quit Facebook?

Why would Spencer want to impress me?

We can't turn back.

I'm a free man, Dan.

What does the word "next" means?

I can't understand anything he's saying.

When I woke up, I found I had been tied up.

Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything?

Harvey disagreed with the decision.

I'm a big fan of your work.

What remains after ten years of marriage is the routine.

Please show me your injured arm.

This joke is ancient!

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What's the point now of buying books written by a bunch of old men?

Don't come unless I tell you to.

They don't deal in political matters.


We were ecstatic.


I want to get off at the next stop.

I think there are a lot of beautiful women in Australia (YMMV).

I'm on the way to the store.


It was a dark, moonless night.


My daughter visits me now and then.

Clarissa wants me to fix this for him.

Rajiv came into the kitchen.

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Who told Norbert?


Charleen's relatives in Boston have been notified.

Irving doesn't eat fish.

I'll give her a call.


She has many dogs.


This criminal is a victim of his heredity.

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Seenu is mortified.

I didn't attend the meeting, and he didn't either.

The army is protecting the border between France and Spain.


I have lost my keys.


We took a walk along the river.

I have no interest in politics.

I have no excuse.


Don't call us freaks.


I probably shouldn't do that.

I just feel very lucky.

If we burn fuels such as coal, oil and gas, they give off various gases.

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He tried to catch the bird but wasn't successful.

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You don't need to carry lunch with you.


The poor talker sometimes surprises us by being a good writer.

Nothing ever changes.

Sedat was the one that painted this picture.

Love is the light of our lives. The marriage brings us the note.

Saqib works hard.


She's running from home.

What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

He and his mother went shopping.

I found out that the woman I thought was a nurse was actually a doctor.

Lum couldn't understand us.

You're going to turn a lot of heads with that dress.

Anyway what are you on about? Going around sleeveless in this cold.


His abs were flat and toned.

You could tell Spass was unconscious as he fell because he made no effort to break his fall.

Miltos gasped for air.


I had to stop Maarten.

Who's going to pay for all of this?

That might be difficult to explain.

It's likely Myron will know what to do.

It's nice to have you back.


Are you working hard?


It seemed as if she was going to faint.

I'm going to go to the movies.

I slipped and fell on the crosswalk, just when the light turned red.

God knows what might happen for an hour!

My book is here.

I told Shatter I needed some air.

We were mesmerized by the pulsating glow of the embers.


She is the only trustee of the university who never attended it as a student.

Pete chopped firewood all afternoon.

She took the gold medal.

I'll finish it in one hour.

Salt is necessary for a cook.

You're really good at make believe.

There was nothing for it but to wait for her.

The association counts thirty members.

From a theoretical point of view, Peterson's argument is directly relevant to our discussion.


I'm your new partner.


What kind of a party do you want?

Are there any poisonous snakes around here?

Bradley asked Trevor to go out to have dinner with him.

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It's more important to me than to you.

It has left me speechless.

I have a debt to pay.

Please show this to Sedovic.

Ji can't stop us.

No other mountain in the world is as tall as Mt. Everest.

Whose paper is this?

Joubert is having a nap.

This sentence ends with a question mark?

That'll make Eli feel a lot better.

Francisco liked you.

I just want to be free.

I have a hard time believing you don't have any homework.

Robert looked sad.

The concert was awful.


This is Laurie's dictionary.

I want to give mum a plant.

The situation left him perplexed.


He made good in business.

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I took one down.


I'm relieved to hear that.

We're already late.

Do you really think Jochen would help us?

I hope you can help me.

Why did Dominic leave so suddenly?

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I swear to God.

Tandy looked after Audrey while her parents were out shopping.

What sweater do you like more?

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Toufic said he would've come if we'd invited him.


I'm just stating the facts.


Isn't it easier to find your stuff when your room's tidy?