A man is more or less what he looks like.

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They managed to save him.


A Roman coin from the third century CE is the centerpiece of his collection.

This time could be different.

How early do you get up in the morning?


I can't believe Don told you.

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How could you be so careless?


Allan's parents never told him about the facts of life.

I wish Taurus would arrive soon.

My mother will attend to the baby while I go to the dance.

Clark thought that he was very lucky.

What's the minimum wage in Australia?

It was entirely coincidental.

I learned a lot about Gerald.

I heard every word.

What do you think he should do?


Lila left Adam behind.


I haven't got all day.

Repetition plays an important role in language study.

Andrew said you needed this.

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Have you told Vincent which boxes need to be put in the car?


Get me some, too.

Ofer came up with a couple of good ideas.

He said he feared his speech had been a failure.

That word is old fashioned.

Ricky got out of the taxi.

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You need an umbrella when it's raining if you don't want to get wet.

That'd be good.

Jeanne needs us to help him.

Landmines are cheap to put in place, but expensive to remove.

Math is like love - a simple idea, but it can get complicated.


Our negotiations broke off.

The police are protecting it.

Rolfe isn't going to be able to work tomorrow.

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She milked the cow.

Sundar needed some cash.

You're the only one here who drinks coffee without sugar.

To do him justice, he is a discreet man.

It's up to you, Srikanth.

It's not so hard.

We can't wait.

He had the courage to decline the offer.

It's not perfect.

I had to let Bea go.

You're wonderful.

Leave no stone unturned.

I miss your jokes.


He sent his son to an English boarding school.

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It's strange you say that.

She reluctantly agreed to our proposal.

I'm helping Manolis.


I hope it'll happen soon.

Laurie and Donna have decided to get married next month.

Abdominal pain is a common problem.

Marnix was wearing a red headband.

Henry mumbled something in French.

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She is a very dear girl.

I would die for her.

It's better if I drove you all the way home.

Bradley made a list.

The earthquake in Haiti was a disaster.

The paramedic said there was no safe way to move Barney.

I just want some souvenirs to remember this place by.

Will you come tomorrow?

Lum Jackson was the CIA station chief in Baghdad.

Russia rejected both demands.

Do you still need a babysitter for Monday night?


I do my work well.

I'll make her some sandwiches.

I've decided we should move to Boston.

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This is not ours.

I answered all of Anderson's questions.

And the little black rabbit never looked sad again.

I don't know what you're waiting for.

How did you find that book?

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Ross sat under a tree, sketching something in his notebook.

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We're still discussing it.

My throat's a little dry.

The waves carried me off my feet.

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There are about 1 million millionaires in Germany.


I have no fever, but my throat hurts me. I can't either freery breathe.


Beckie was afraid people might laugh at him.

I like to roam about the fields.

Getting rest had a wonderful effect on him.


Is she free this evening?


Grace woke up the children and told them it was time for breakfast.

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At the turn of the century, children still worked in factories.


You guys know too much.

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I was fool enough to marry Price.


Great idea.

Sheila doesn't want to do anything to hurt Kurt.

Isabelle was bewildered.


Are you friends with Jin?

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People still have no experience in bearing children outside of Earth.


Shall we do something else now?


He seems to be lying.

Randy was framed for murder.

Do you have any red pencils?

Sacrifice is sometimes necessary.

The patient is now safe.

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I completely disagree with this.

I'm not really very religious.

Should old acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind?

Don't complicate the problem by raising new issues.

Wendi deserted his wife and family.

Of course.

My first impression was that he was a tactful politician.


She didn't come after all.

He was an utter stranger.

Make solidarity and equal rights the cornerstone of public policy.

Felix's injuries aren't as bad as Old's.

I am happiest when I sleep.

She asked me if I wasn't feeling well.

Friendlier people are not necessarily dumber people.

Let's sit here until the sun goes down.

Socorrito went back inside.


Debbie certainly talks as if he knows what he's talking about.


We're going out to get something to eat.


Eventually, Jagath and Jagath got married.


If you don't make the promise, then I'll just stand by and watch.

Did you intend to kill them?

Is there a flight in the morning?


I'll try to make things as easy as possible for you.

I didn't cry out.

The parking lot in front of the bank was completely full.

I told them all about you.

What do you want to say?

Should I leave?

Grief has silvered her hair.

Marty sat on a chair.

I can't tell you how unhappy that makes me.

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Suyog knows all about it.

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I want my songs to be sung by someone famous.

He left his glasses at our place.

I don't like the food at that deli.

Jin is absent-minded.

I think we had a good year.

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Participation is voluntary and free of charge.


We all hummed to the music.


Tomorrow is my first day of work.

Let him believe this, and he will live more consistently and morally, than by any other system.

Her decision to move to Chicago surprised us.

I have to attend mass.

It's time for you to buy a new car.

Irving probably thought I didn't have a driver's license.

He looks his best in his uniform.

Tad just stood there.

I thought that he would come.

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We could talk about her.


I can't conceive of living without him.

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When the scandal broke, the Congressman's constituents were seething.