It only took me an hour.

I think there's only a slim chance of that happening.


My wife usually doesn't drink coffee at night, and neither do I.

You can give me a hand, now that you're here.

How long did it take you to get here?

What happened to the others?

This is truly amazing.

What crown do you see?

Why do you always do that to me?

He gave an explanation of the machine.

I've been to Hokkaido before.


I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.

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Art weighs just 33 pounds.

What's Eileen's connection?

He visited a children's home in Texas.

The soldiers filled the sandbags with sand.

The idea still prevails.


He didn't hesitate to tell his wife the truth.

He was my friend.

It was disturbing.


Emil is coming to Boston tomorrow.

He still has a white vest.

He spoke softly to the men around him.

I really want to meet him.

The situation's getting worse day by day.

I can't bother.

This is by far the best method.

This box is too bulky to carry.

Jaime heard a big explosion and ran outside to see what had happened.

I should never have thought they would take such a fancy to their teacher.

Give it a rest.

Andreas is making faces at me.

Let's drop in on the Jacksons.


Tatoeba lacks developers.

I'm furious with them.

He's left me.

I don't think it will work.

I was not conscious of her presence.

Martyn claims you stole her pearls.

Raanan put up a notice about the change in price.

Tatoeba is a virtual site where a lot of actual time is spent.

Old pulled a small notebook from his pocket.

(Implied subject) will/want to eat.

Rakhal ended up going to Harvard.


If there's a way to tell whether or not a girl has a boyfriend, please tell me.

What're you going to eat?

His daughter has become a pretty woman.


It's a black-and-white picture.

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The house burned to the ground.

You are no longer a baby.

The dirty clothes left a foul odor in the air of the locker room.

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I can't afford a new car, so I'll have to make this one do.

We ascribe his success to hard work.

That's what I'd tell her.

I love spending time with Mac.

I used to tell them everything.

His family is very large.

"You're a good guitarist." "I'd like to think I am."

Give it up for this trooper.

My house doesn't have a roof.

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She is the very most famous actress.

This is the very book I have been looking for.

Ssi wants to live in Boston after he graduates from high school.


Most children are playful.

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Everyone can see it now.

You're much faster than me.

How did you kill him?


It belongs to us.

I wonder why Reid doesn't like me.

Don't you want to know for sure?

We were playing golf.

I don't have any clothes on.

This job calls for practice.

They caught sight of the man among the crowd of people.


I like working with you.


Tuan used a crowbar to pry open the lid of the crate.

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She gets tired quickly.

I don't think you understand what this means to me.

Tiefenthal looked scared.


Dana held up his hand.


The Sphinx howled with rage.

Because one put on a gold necklace, the other put on a string.

We expect more than that.

We're not leaving.

Mom wants to go there, but Dad wants to watch TV at home.


Panacea got what he wanted.

You are pretty like a cherry blossom.

I went to visit my grandfather's grave today.

Why don't you try and get some sleep?

Yoko is in London now. She's studying English.

I didn't tell Raghu about Pradeep.

Why is your wife sad?

Rudolph left a message for Hirotoshi.

Sergio couldn't find anybody to go with him, and so he went by himself.

You should've asked Vance for advice.

I'm Johan's ex.


He'll come at quarter past three.

Nora waited a moment.

John, the tallest boy in our class, is nicknamed "Mr High."

I'll do what I have to.

You must see your dentist.


The patient's condition improved.


Julia has many roses and many lilies in her garden.

Can I count on your support?

Get inside and lock your doors! Close your windows! There is something in the fog!


They kept guard by turns.


Wish me luck.

She was tricked yet again.

Could you choose a couple of books for me to read?


He is two years my junior.

I'm convinced Sehyo is guilty.

You need the keys?

Have you stuck a stamp on the envelope?

He decided to write in his diary every day.

We have lived in Tokyo for six years.

She dressed him like children dress their pets.

Jesus tried to compose herself.

Herbert always seems to know what to do.

Margot says he'll give us all the time we need.

Ima is optimistic that he'll get accepted into Harvard.

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It's a very serious allegation.

Let's do something fun.

That boy is speaking English.


Jane will probably come.

I wasn't even thinking about it.

I'll be right over.

Can I go to my room now?

The sign said "Slippery when wet."

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PETA accused him of setting his mouse on fire.


I wanted to do something that would make Arlene happy.

Thus spoke the Lord: "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth". That's a holy commandment that I cannot reject, since God works in mysterious ways. That's why I must try to procreate kids with any woman as often as possible. I wouldn't dare to disobey the Lord's will.

We associate the name of Darwin with The Origin of Species.


You can make a computer-to-computer call on the internet for free!

The scenery was beautiful beyond description.

Jim mastered French and German.

Bush thinks that God talks to him.

The typhoon caused damage in many areas.

Dissolve sugar in hot water.

I really think you should come.


I'm much younger than you.

Patty attended Kathy's funeral.

Butler isn't big enough.

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We ate until we couldn't eat any more.

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We're joking.

That's quite to my taste.

They're crazy about each other.

It's mandatory.

The second part of the book is set in England.

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When I got up today my throat felt a little sore.


Who's your favorite movie star?


His splenetic father threatened to spank him if he didn't behave himself.

I'll inform Brandi.

Many an insect deriving its delicate colour from harmless leaves and herbs, was stained anew that day by dying men, and marked its frightened way with an unnatural track.


That's what I'm asking you.

Geoff turned to the next page.

You don't really care, do you?

She showered.

Dawn was never the same after that.

Winston and Jitendra want to tell us something.

Don't run so fast.

I heard they caught them.

I make you a deal.