Anycast DNS

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The benefits:



fault tolerance

What is Anycast DNS

Anycast, that literally means «adressing to someone», is a methodology that allows sending datagrams to the nearest potential receiver.

Using Anycast technology doesn’t require any additional resources from your part.

How it works

The principle of Anycast operation consists of advertising identical IP-address prefixes through BGP protocol from various network points.

Because of that, network route is reduced by several times, which is worth tens and even hundreds of milliseconds that allow improving security level and fault tolerance of the DNS-server, enhancing safety and decreasing reaction time by reducing the network distance between the client and the server.

Reducing the time for domain resolve

The goal of introducing the Anycast DNS technology is in reducing the wait time of domain resolve..
In reality, achieving fast loading is possible when all components are taken into account: correct database organization, sufficient hosting resources, considering traffic and CMS complexity, domain query speed and so on.
Usually, domain owners forget about the last component that can kill the website in the most inappropriate moment.

To ensure the fastest DNS response, Anycast technology copies IP within network infrastructure, which allows processing request not from a particular but from the nearest point. Thereby, the route reduces and the website loading speed increases.

99,9% network uptime

Uptime or the time of continuous operation is an important reliability indicator. The higher the uptime – the lower is the probability of the site to be down. Despite the fact that reaching 100% uptime is impossible in practice, it can be increased to a maximum.
Due to its operating principle, Anycast DNS increases the network uptime to 99.9%.
This happens because a large number of malfunctions in resource’s operation are connected to routing problems. By implementing Anycast DNS technology such problems can be avoided. Anycast DNS increases the number of transferring routes and reduces the risks of node’s unavailability.

DNS server points

New York, NY, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dallas, TX, USA

Frankfurt, Germany

Zurich, Switzerland

Hong Kong


Paris, France

Amsterdam, Netherlands