Facility Size: 50,000 Sq ft.

Acreage: 210 Acres

Price: $4,200,000

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Facility Size: 56,000 Sq ft.

Acreage: 19 Acres

Price: $3,600,000

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Facility Size: 8,600 Sq ft.

Acreage: 13.5 Acres

Price: $395,000

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Is your information (data or documents) able to withstand a 20 megaton nuclear blast? Ours is.

In the 1960s, AT&T, in conjunction with the Department of Defense, built and operated many hardened underground communication facilities. These sites were closed in the 1990s. These underground buildings were designed and built to ensure nuclear survivability. They typically have 2 ft. thick concrete walls and ceilings covered with a minimum of 4 feet of earth. For security reasons these underground buildings were constructed at least 20 miles from major cities. Heavy blast doors also add to the security of these facilities. The buildings remain at a constant 58 degrees without any HVAC. They are self-contained with generator power, septic tanks, and deep wells. These sites are ideal for data storage as well as document storage.