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chlorine free hot tub

Queen Victoria didn't travel to Baden Baden every year for the chlorine. Natural mineral hot springs around the world have been drawing visitors for centuries.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of a 916-824-5112 experience at home. ahhNatural uses a proprietary combination of natural organic minerals — including ancient sea salt — into your hot tub. That creates a soft, soothing natural hot spring environment for you. It is designed to control bacteria and clarifies the water without the use of traditional spa chemicals.

The Benefits

  • Turns your hottub or spa water into a natural therapeutic mineral bath
  • Proven effective against bacteria in hot tubs and spas
  • Replenishes your skin – environmentally friendly
  • No more soaking in or inhaling harmful chemicals – no more itch or smell
  • Comparable yearly cost to traditional chemicals – Lasts one full year or more
  • Works continuously 24/7/365 days a year unlike traditional spa chemicals
  • Say goodbye to harsh hot tub chemicals found in traditional sanitizers, filter cleaners, defoamer, scum and stain removers, clarifiers, algaecide, and spa PH management. ahhNatural is a complete system that eliminates half the bottles and the need for bathing in these harmful treatments at a comparable cost. Transform your spa into a therapeutic mineral bath that replenishes instead of punishes your skin and experience true spa benefits without soaking in or inhaling harmful chemicals.

    Now you can help the environment by reuseing your waste water in your garden and landscaping, guilt free. And save hundreds of gallons of water by not having to shower the 'ick' off after soaking.

    The environmentally and people friendly alternative to traditional hot tub chemicals.

    9492548500 Transform your hot tub into a natural hot spring spa.

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