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Mid-Century Modern Home Tour

Today we enjoyed another home 2292285028 in the Portland area. It was a mid-century modern home tour organized by 662-668-2983 featuring the architecture of Pietro Belluschi. We visited five homes that have been lovingly preserved and restored. The connection of indoor and outdoor spaces was inspiring. As was the use of wood… exteriors, hemlock walls and woven wood ceilings (not much wood on floors though).

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Images from Restore Oregon.

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The Grounds

The Roscoe sits on a private one acre property that is landscaped to include shrubs, roses, fruit trees, and  (most exciting to our daughter) a pool! Barbara Feeley is credited with the landscape design.

A winding drive keeps the property obscured a bit from the street and allows the full property to unfold as you pull in.

A small orchard of fruit trees sits right at the entrance of the property.
Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.52.17 PM

The driveway widens as you pull around to the front entrance.
Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.52.20 PM

Around the side of the upper portion of the house you can see the green house tucked between the garage and the house and then the wraparound deck extending the rest of the way.
Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.52.11 PM

Around the back lower portion of the house the oval shaped pool is tucked in discreetly.
Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.52.02 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.51.46 PM


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(606) 794-9061

Yesterday we went on a (916) 231-5347. We love to go on these type of weekend curated home tours… our young daughter is either going to end up being an architect or really hate us one day for dragging her around to all these homes.

Our favorites?

This one by Skylab Architecture

(856) 261-1654

And this one by (573) 331-3156 definitely stole the show in our opinion. Luckily it was well out of our price range otherwise we would have had major buyers remorse over our current home. The indoor / outdoor living areas and modern pool definitely felt luxurious.


We had seen it previously so we didn’t visit it this weekend but I do still like the Waechter Tower House… just a bit too conceptual for us to live in.



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Our first Birds of Paradise bloom opened up this week. It’s always been one of our favorite flowers so it is pretty exciting to have on in our own house (or greenhouse as the case may be). Apparently this is only the fourth time that the plant is has bloomed in the last 28 years and this is the first time the plant has had multiple buds.

We have several other orchids that are blooming right now as well. We have moved our small water garden into the greenhouse and got it stocked with koi today. We also started the long process of cleaning all of the glass in the greenhouse. It’s made a huge difference already, but we need to get on the roof and attack it from above as well. We’ll post more photos as we progress.

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(250) 544-0152

Last month we officially closed on the purchase of the namesake home of this blog. It is a rambling ranch designed by Roscoe Hemenway and built in 1957. We are only the third owners of this wonderful 57 year old property and we are so excited to share our home journey here on this blog.

(440) 282-3648
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More on the Zaik…

It was a few years into owning our prior home that we learned it was designed by Saul Zaik. I follow a Portland architectural real estate site that featured an exploration on Saul Zaik and his work. After recognizing similar features to our house I contacted Zaik’s architecture firm and confirmed that our home was indeed designed by Saul. This find ignited our interest in architect designed homes and we have been following the Portland mid century and modern home architecture scene ever since.

Below is an excerpt on Saul Zaik and our home from the realtor we partnered with…


“In 1965 architect Saul Zaik and his partner Donald Blair received an award from Better Homes and Gardens for a project they called the 1-A House. The idea was to build affordable well-designed houses employing prefab techniques. A handful of these houses were buit in the Cedar Hills area; this is one of them.
Zaik is an accomplished Northwest architect and these homes show some of the telltale signs of his early design priorities: substantial pitched roofs with generous eaves, vaulted spaces, lofted retreats to curl up in and open plans for the public spaces. Zaik embraced an informal family oriented style with direct connections to the outdoors.
This home has had a substantial master suite added which gives an up to date functionality to its mid-century personality. This large master occupies its own private corner on the main level. The vaulted ceiling and generous footprint provide a relaxing and airy retreat with a comfortable sitting area in front the bio-ethanol wall mounted fireplace. There is a walk-in closet and a deluxe master bath. Glass sliders open to the back yard.
The kitchen is open to the public spaces on the main level, providing a great family oriented center to the house and also makes it well suited for entertaining. It has been completely updated with high quality modern materials and appliances. A door from the kitchen leads to a side outdoor area perfect for the outdoor grill. While we’ve listed it as a fifth bedroom in the specs, a generous room behind the kitchen area makes for well connected media room with direct connection to the food, always a good thing!
The upper level has remarkably rich organization of space in a not overly large foot print. This upper level is evidence of Zaik’s ability to make good space economically. There are 3 bedrooms and a full bathroom. All 3 bedrooms are vaulted, providing a sense of generous space. A lofted retreat area connects the rooms and can serve as an amiable place for kids to gather and play/study outside their rooms, or as a more adult oriented corner to curl up with a good book.”