Wrkz General Fund

#TickerDonated AddressBalanceValue (USD)
1 TRTL TRTLuxpcmGJdUDWyWaG9i9N1vWenMXCLbUd7DokFtSSyKJy8v7oqcLsRvQvKgzS8gH1YUNk3j2WNqTPSbS1wd3TjPQiHuTfLj37 410,050.0000 13.8570
2 XMR 43LNapMDeYkTM1UrpVzCxzLY2qE4bcbpE3Q3EJ6MvMNiTQCCEoaq5FVYaDtkr36fMDZ4YdAemiiHGDTqBjehV1CXT5iwbvp 0.0741 7.8538
3 WRKZ WrkzMJVtbkmCqGKeF9879i6aaUXxZD4arTT66Ne3thWZX1FmYtsxf2wiLhUuo3s5XkMtYCqrDNK5zQxKX4AjxJzZ2RcNT1JLNs 10,071,000.0000 N/A
4 LTC MUvdZbaFhziau91MrbvQUfff4CBDqnVxoP 0.0240 1.2552
5 BTC 3D5GaXg1DmgMrTDNxRmSmVjAZDzidas1qx 0.0025 15.9306


1 TradeOgre.com Form submitted. No respond yet Need submission TradeOgre form page
2 Altex.Exchange Form submitted. No respond yet Stop requesting charade
3 Crex24.com Crex24 holds Cryptonote based coin listing. Email inquired Crex24 form page
4 MapleChange.com Form submitted. 0.1BTC listing fee. Dev fund pending to transfer. Need funding MapleChange form page
5 Stocks.Exchange Fee of pair: BTC: 1 BTC, ETH: 0.5 BTC, USDT: 0.5BTC Need funding Stocks.Exchange
6 Graviex.net 7 Mill. GIO or 1 BTC+10 our coins Email inquired 207-387-7429
7 BTC-Alpha.com 3 BTC integration cost. Email inquired BTC-Alpha

Help Wanted

1 We submitted to TradeOgre our application of listing. We seek for community's voice. Exchange Pending TradeOgre
2 Join our discord and help to grow. Community Ongoing WrkzCoin@discord
3 Spread the awareness of WrkzCoin by Wrkz community. Community Ongoing (424) 522-9737
4 Follow our Twitter and re-tweet any you like. Community Ongoing (715) 392-2201


1 Funny, attractive and unique Emojis for Wrkz discord server. 5,000,000.00WRKZ Pending WrkzCoin@discord
2 Make /paperwallet.wrkz.work in more seed languages. 5,000,000.00WRKZ Pending 6085146129